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New Stone Temple Pilots Album in 2014


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It's been hinted at in interviews over the past few months but we've never had a discussion on it... Apparently Stone Temple Pilots want to release a full album with Chester next year! This would mean that Chester would be involved in two huge, brand new albums at once.


In this interview from October, Eric said, "There’s a whole flood of music that’s waiting to come. We just need the time to get in there to put a full length record together. Definitely next year there will be a full length LP with a bunch of bonus songs. We put this together, but we had a bunch of song ideas that we moved past because these songs just jumped out. We put them together as fluidly as possible to develop that chemistry."


Talking with Songfacts in November, he said, "We're definitely going to have an album out, and we're going to keep touring now," he said. "The plan now is to do the Soundwave tour with Green Day over in Australia, and that's in February. Linkin Park's going to fire up their machine at some point next year, so I would say we would complete a full-length LP next year while Linkin Park is out touring the record they're working on right now."


What do you think? A second half 2014 STP release?

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Hey Mark, there is any chance you can share with me the "Songfacts" interview? I would like to post it translated. ^_^


On topic, i really doubt that. Is too much for Chester, he can't handle 2 albums + tours. Or maybe yes but every single album and every single tour will reduce his carreer.

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