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Wisdom, Justice & Love (Mandela ver.)


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and you're an idiot for thinking I'm the one who failed.

Dick, much? We never said you failed anything, we just looked at the facts and it seemed likely that the commercials were the same. The video you posted was shit audio. and the YT one is the exact same commercial. You think we'd realize the audio differs in different regions? Consider the facts before you call us out. Edited by Soul
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I've been posting here for years, always with correct information, and always posting my own remixes and productions; do you really think I'd be stupid enough to mistake a song made of THREE chords?


Either way, here is the better version, and I will replace the one in the OP with it:

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TV Recording:

"I have fought against white domination........[chord is played]........ and I have fought against...."


Official Youtube Video:

"I have fought against white [chord is played]domination..... and I have fought against...."


It's that simple to hear, guys. Wilderness isn't dumb.

Edited by rav0k
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The piano in the original video Lee posted is, at the very least, a re-recording of Wisdom, Justice, and Love. It's the same chord progression, same key, same tempo as the original A Thousand Suns recording. It's not good enough quality to actually compare them side by side and see if it uses the "authentic" Linkin Park instrumental, but it's definitely the same song.

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coincidence? probably an LP fan is working for Discovery.


Its possible because in my country, our biggest broadcaster (RTE) is always using LP's music.

They've been doing it for years usually as the background music for sports highlights or a clip of an upcoming movie/tv show.


They use the lesser known stuff too such as the CRWLNG track from Reanimation.

Also, on a few occasions, they've remixed certain tracks before using them


I can only assume that whoever is responsible for the sound is a big LP fan


FYI - RTE in Ireland is equivalent to say BBC in the UK or NBC in the US. Everyone has it!


Not really related to the thread, I know, but I thought I'd share anyway

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