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Bucket of Weenies Tour Dates

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There are a few things I want to discuss about the Bucket of Weenies shows. For example, I don't believe the 8 shows we have listed (6 of which were allegedly played....5 of which are confirmed to have been played) are all correct.


For one, the Grand Rapids show to me doesn't seem like it ever happened. Maybe I'm wrong but it falls in between two California shows only 3 days apart. They could fly out to Grand Rapids, sure, but we don't even have a venue name and haven't found anything after years of searching. Did it even happen?



The source for Grand Rapids comes from here:


I contacted Crewdy who ran the site to see if he has any information on that show.


Next, was this article really published on December 26, 2006?


If so, Chester says, "It's really something that wasn't planned. It was really spontaneous and I think it will continue to be spontaneous as far as the songs we play and the venues we play. You know, we played the other day in a parking lot in front of Home Depot. And it was really a fantastic show."


Did BoW play a show in December 2006 that we don't know about? I definitely think that's possible if the article date is right. And of the known shows, there's nothing that would even come close to resembling a Home Depot parking lot. Maybe BoW played a private show that wasn't really announced. It's worth looking into. And if this is true, then it's possible we have missed some other shows. Whoever has contacted Sean Dowdell previously might want to ask him about it if we can't find any other information.


Next, the LPU announced some BoW stuff, but I don't know to what extent. From searching the LinkinParkForums, LPA and LPTimes archives, I could only find the Hollywood and Etnies shows announced on the LPU, but I might have missed something.


The West Palm Beach show was cancelled due to Hurricane Wilma (which we need to add to the show page), and the Arizona show was cancelled pretty close to the day of the show considering how late it was announced that Chester/BoW would even play it (just a few weeks before is when it was announced).


And lastly, the Camel Cigarettes 'Sin City Tour' was supposed to be a legit tour. BoW was going to play this tour of the companies parties around the USA, but obviously got kicked off because of Chester making the drunk comment. What this means is that other dates existed, and I want to add them. Someone, somewhere, has these dates and we need to find them, whether it's contacting the people that put on this Albuquerque show or whatever. The parties still went on, just without BoW...maybe another band replaced them. But those would count easily as cancelled shows for BoW.

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Wow... tons of great info. This is really awesome. Thanks for digging all this up, Mark. I'm willing to bet that maybe Chester really did play in a Home Depot parking lot in December 2006. Back then, we didn't have the resources and info and stuff like that, that we have nowadays. Also, BOW was kind of kept in the dark to the LP fanbase, so to speak. That's really interesting.. I would also love to find some of the Camel Cigarettes Tour dates that BOW got kicked off of. God, I would love to hear the Albuquerque show, and the comment that Chester made, etc. Will never happen, but would be gold to have.

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I remember trying to dig up info about Sin City Tour with no luck.


Also I did contact Sean about BoW shows, and Sin City tour, but his answers are always short and in most cases non-informative.


Sean, thanks a lot for the info. We're looking for some information

that we don't have....




On this page there are Grey Daze and Bucket of Weenies dates on top.


1. Do you know any dates that ARE NOT in the list on that page

(Grey Daze and Bucket Of Weenies)? We already have Club Tattoo dates.



no I don't remember any of the dates, but there were a few



2. Do you know the whole schedule for RJ Reynolds tour, all dates

that were cancelled, because of Chester’s “lung cancer and liver

decease” comment?


no, and yes it was cancelled for that very reason



3. You said that you were kicked of RJ Reynolds tour while playing

in Albuquerque, but 25.10.2005 - Hollywood, CA, Avalon seems to be

part of that tour too. Or this date wasn’t a part of Camel

Cigarettes’ tour?



no, that was the etnies gvr show

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So he said it was a few shows - I bet we have all the known tour dates. They didn't play tons of shows. I think Tempe 2006 was the last show for BOW. Etnies event as Lake Forest, the Avalon was a different show.

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Yes our link was different to that page in 2008.


I think we are missing at least one. Chester wouldn't have made that parking lot comment if it wasn't true. Surely we can get those RJ Reynolds dates too.

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I'm starting to think that BOW might have been on tour just for a couple shows?


For example Camp Freddy played the final show of the tour



I'm not sure if this article http://temple-news.com/2005/10/11/camel-ex...troc-and-bands/

is talking about the Sin City tour that hit several cities or if that was just a tour inside of Las Vegas.


These 2 shows might be just the Las Vegas Tour.



This guy here: http://www.tylerfyre.com/recent2.html

Was apparently on the tour. It started in Albuquerque and ended November 6 in Charlotte, NC.



I'm honestly proud of Chester for blowing up and getting kicked out. This kind of advertising is really shady imo.

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I'm thinking that all the BOW dates that the live guide has are the dates they played. I think we would have known about other shows, besides that 'private show' in December 2006 that Hahninator was talking about. It makes sense that we wouldn't really know about that show, though. I'm thinking that they played all the shows on the live guide besides the 2 canceled shows and possibly not MI, either. Tempe, Lake Forest, Albuquerque and Hollywood in 2005, and then Tempe and Home Depot parking lot in 2006. Sounds about right, IMO.

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If we find all the Sin City tour dates might help to find out if the Grand Rapids show happened or not. There's probably not much we to find about the Home Depot show if they never announced it.

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Don't have much time to do a research today, but here's a good start for everyone else.



A Camel cigarettes representative was in the audience and invited the pair onto the company's Sin City tour, a Las Vegas-themed music and variety show featuring sword-swallowing, fire-eating and high-profile bands like Modest Mouse.


They accepted, and wound up riding the pole before thousands, from Albuquerque and Grand Rapids to Richmond and Charlotte. They were joined on their bill by Grindergirl — of Late Night with David Letterman fame — and porn star Ron Jeremy.

I guess the Grand Rapids show in our guide was part of the Sin City tour, so BoW, obviously, did not play it.


Two more shows from the Sin City Tour:

03.11.2005 Austin, TX - Austin Music Hall

05.11.2005 Houston, TX - Meridian (w/ Kings Of Leon too)


Main bands: Modest Mouse, The Walkmen







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Nice finds. Charlotte and Richmond are two cities we could find dates for. I'm sure since a lot of people were on this tour we could email someone and get all the dates for it.


I don't know if this was a show or not on this tour but Camp Freddy played this...maybe it was the end of the tour or something.

04.12.2005 Las Vegas, NV, Rain @ The Palms, Camel Sin City Show

Source: http://www.cultcentral.com/Tours2005.html


Troc is the Trocadero in Philadelphia, where LP played in late 2000. In that link you put up, it says there was a NYC show after the Philly show. We can now look up dates The Faint and VHS/Beta played at that time. That might help us.


Edit: I'm researching your stuff you posted Skipees and I found some venues, etc and the Baltimore date.

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Puddle Of Mudd Sin City Tour - Support El Vez:


11.08.2005 Portland, OR, Roseland Theatre

14.08.2005 Gaffney, SC, Fire Lake Festival

15.08.2005 Myrtle Beach, SC, House Of Blues

18.08.2005 Long Beach, CA, Vault 350

20.08.2005 Los Angeles, CA, El Rey Theatre

25.08.2005 San Diego, CA, 4th and B4th and B

31.08.2005 Englewood, CO, Gothic Theatre




Mark edit: The Gaffney festival was not a part of the tour, it was just a festival Puddle of Mudd played.




The comedian Steve Byrne was also part of the tour.

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That's not the Camel Sin City tour. Albuquerque till Charlotte is what we are looking for.


Like I said, I don't think the Camp Freddy show was the last show. It seems there were several Las Vegas shows which seems more like a local promotion tour.

I think this was their approach to get the Sin City tour out of Las Vegas.


It seems like since BOW was kicked off the tour as a fixed performer they were replaced by local bands etc. acts that could play last minute, which makes it even harder to find all the dates at once.

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6 of the 7 Puddle of Mudd shows were definitely a Sin City Tour but it looks like that's not the tour BoW was going to play.


From your last link, these seem to be correct dates mixed in with what LESTAT found:

07.09.2005 Milwaukee, WI, The Rave

10.09.2005 Chicago, IL, The Vic

15.09.2005 Indianapolis, IN, The Vogue

17.09.2005 Cincinnati, OH, Bogart's

23.09.2005 Atlantic City, NJ, ??????

24.09.2005 Baltimore, MD, Sonar

29.09.2005 Philadelphia, PA, The Trocadero


No way this was part of the tour since Albuquerque was right after it:

16.10.2005 New York City, NY, BB Kings


I think these are right too though, but they are a lot later than September:

03.11.2005 Austin, TX, Austin Music Hall

05.11.2005 Houston, TX, Meridian


Still need Richmond, Charlotte, a venue for Atlantic City, and maybe we are missing a few more. Remember the first date for BoW was:

17.10.2005 Albuquerque, NM, Desert Sands Motor Hotel


The question is - if BoW's first show was Albuquerque and they got kicked off there, wouldn't all their cancelled shows only be after October? If that's true then all we have that are right are the two Texas shows + Albuquerque and are missing the rest.

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So our search range is 17.10.2005 - 06.11.2005 if I understand correctly? I thought we are looking for all the tour for some reason.

Well we don't know the end date of the tour. I think October 17th until anytime before Christmas when we can find dates is fine.

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