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2003 - Cancelled/Rescheduled U.K. dates?


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I was looking at an archived version of LP:Fuse earlier, and I happened to stumble across this (I cleaned this up a bit, as the archived version of the site is only available as raw HTML):


ENTH E END // NUMB // European tour dates? -- Posted by Energy on Tuesday, July 15 2003


Aswell as ENTH E END video being uploaded (which you should of noticed ;)) these LP concert dates for europe are floating about.


Tue-Sep-02 Berlin, Germany Arena

Wed-Sep-03 Prague, Czech Rep T Mobile Arena

Sat-Sep-06 Paris, France Paris, Bercy

Mon-Sep-08 Madrid, Spain Palacio Vistalegre

Tue-Sep-09 Lisbon, Portugal Alantico Pavilhao

Fri-Sep-12 Glasgow, U.K. Cathouse

Sat-Sep-13 Manchester, U.K. Academy 3

Sun-Sep-14 Birmingham, U.K. Academy 2

Tue-Sep-16 Nottingham, U.K. Rock City

Wed-Sep-17 London, U.K. Mean Fiddler Astoria




Also Numb is out as LP's new single on September 1st! (woo!)

This was before LP's summer European tour was officially announced. As you can see, the non-U.K. dates are spot on. But we also know that none of the dates after Lisbon (the U.K. dates) actually happened. So what was the deal here? Were these dates tentatively scheduled, then pulled in favor of the November U.K. tour? Was this info compiled from different sources, one of which was making stuff up? It seems unlikely that one source would have a bunch of correct dates and venues before they were announced, but also have a bunch of fake ones in the same list.

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It is very odd.


I went to the November Manchester show and before that saw them at Leeds Festival in the August before.


I don't remember anything about a September show, if I had I would have booked tickets!! And as far as I can remember the November tour wasn't a rescheduled tour, it was always supposed to be November. (I was on holiday those September dates so seems unlikely)


Perhaps Simon got hold of provisional dates before it was actually confirmed?

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I ran across this last year and I researched it. What the deal is, is that Adema opened for LP for the first 5 shows of that tour. The last 5 shows are Adema headlining shows in the UK. Notice how the venues are way too small for LP at that time. When all the dates leaked at once from the Adema camp, everyone thought LP was playing all of those shows but really just the first 5 are LP shows.




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I can't find any show announcement for Stockholm or Fredericksberg on that tour either (2001).

I found these two:


Source->Google Translate:

- Health our Swedish fans that we will, probably in the fall. We owe you a concert, says the singer Chester Bennington. Linkin Park have just finished recording the new album Meteora, released on March 24. When Expressen hits Chester, guitarist Brad Delson and drummer Rob Bourdon in Los Angeles, they want to send a greeting to his fans in Sweden. - Many of the fans who found us through the Internet and has been with us at the Swedes. It is something that we really appreciate, we keep in regular contact with some of them, says Chester. California band would have played in Solnahallen September 9, 2001, but the show was never finished. - In the near future, we will work with marketing Meteora, so no exact date for the next big tour, we can not yet provide. But when we travel to Europe, we will try to organize a concert in Stockholm, we owe, says Brad Delson. Group's last album, Hybrid Theory, was the 2001 best-seller in the United States (five times platinum).

And this one talks about both of the shows:

Source->Google Translate (not 100% understandable):

Linkin Park set autumn gigs in Denmark and Sweden. The band refers to changing conditions in the USA tour. Apparently, they earn more money there, but hope nevertheless to come to Sweden later. The band's latest album "Hybrid Theory" has sold gold here. Those of you who bought tickets to the band playing in Solnahallen, Stockholm, redeem these by October 9.

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