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  1. For anyone that watched the stream... did they say anything noteworthy in the q&a?
  2. I think they most likely upscaled it from their master, in which case they would be better off letting players do the upscaling (for broadcasting probably it makes more sense to stream in the intended displaying resolution). It would be crazy for them to record a yearly festival that runs for 2 days on film, sounds crazy expensive considering not many concerts from RaR get proper releases.
  3. The comparison is bad because, while here they're reworking audio already recorded and limited by the masters quality, film is an analog format that for the most part has a lot more quality than original releases might have shown.
  4. I'm betting most if not all of the footage was recorded on tape instead of film (specially RaR 2001, since it was recorded with a TV broadcast in mind), and if that's correct then there's not a lot of upscaling they could have done to get any better than 640x480. Now, if the video has weird scanlines or not that usually has to do with the fact of having an interlaced image instead of a progressive one (480p vs 480i). Quality aside, I guess Blu-ray would have been more compact, but less accesible. Personally I think DVD was a better call because such a huge amount of content would have required several menus that usually drag on forever in some blu-ray players.
  5. 3 songs out of a 5 cd + 3 dvd boxet? I get you don't like the guy on vocals, but is it necessary to be so exaggerated and dramatic?
  6. I didn't know where to post this but it might be uselful to bring it up. I was looking for something on ebay when I found a lot of people selling unused tickets from Project revolution 2007 and 2008. There are plenty of them and they have more or less decent photos. They might be useful to fill up some shows where we don't have ticket scans. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Linkin-Park-Tickets-2-Rare-Unused-Projekt-Revolution-Aug-31-2007-Noblesville-IN/253063624602?hash=item3aebc4779a:g:xSQAAOSwB4NWv38a
  7. What did Mike said over the stream? I'm very out of the loop
  8. Oof... this always reminds me of the major boomer that was not getting pro-shot audio or video from when they were playing it in 2008. They nailed it on that tour
  9. Bad take asided, this is everything that's wrong with bipartisan politics. Why does being against the actions/ideals of someone has to mean you're immediately supporting his adversary. A true democracy should be more concerned about debating problems and how to fix them, not to endlessly point fingers to say who's less bad than the other 🧐
  10. I'm not sure if we'll be able to save the raw stream as it might be encrypted, but nothing stops us of basically do a window recording of whatever we're playing. Unfortunately, that route would go along a bit of loss in quality. EDIT: I got this answer from their facebook page. To be clear, this is not a concert livestream like you have probably seen over the past months. You can watch plenty of full shows for free on youtube, so we decided to try something different that focuses more on the actual Montebello experience and vibe, not full band performances.
  11. Can we get them to negotiate with the guys that recorded smokeout 2003 so they can finally release it 😂?
  12. I was looking at the setlist on the page. it might be worth adding that it was enth e nd verse 1. I hope we get verse 2 somewhere down the line, I love that one.
  13. I feel like this is everytime I'm alone in a room listening to the album.
  14. considering that most people that bought VIP during the tour got the standard vinyl... it must be frustrating for a lot of fans.
  15. I really hope he comes closer this time, anywhere nearby Seattle, Vancouver or Portland would be very nice. Also I hope a South American tour happens, I know my friends there are dying to have Mike there.
  16. Here's the confirmation you need! My wife recorded just the a capella part, it was just the chorus, before playing the whole song https://www.facebook.com/linkinboss/videos/pcb.10216727206114676/10216727186314181/?type=3&theater
  17. I'm in the line, hopefully I'll be able to keep some notes from the setlist
  18. Today I'll be going so I hope I can do some coverage for you guys
  19. Setlist are getting better and better on a daily basis... this is truly insane
  20. I feel you. In the end my wife said we can save up a bit so I can take a plane (bless her). I'll end up in Toronto, if anyone else is going
  21. The thing is, I'm in Canada, but I'm not a citizen, so it would take a lot more work and effort to go to USA (Visa waiver and all that stuff).
  22. fuck, the closest show I'll get is a 5 hour flight away.... on mid-week. I really want to go, but i'm 80% sure I won't be able to make it
  23. You're right... my thoughts exactly. Listening to their music has a complete different feeling to me now. But I think that's why they work among Mike's new songs.
  24. Oh boy, it has been such a last time since I came here. It's been a really rough year. For now I can only say that Mike is killing it... I really hope I can manage to see him if he's around.
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