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  1. EmptySpaces0 for the same reason as everyone (?) else
  2. emptyspaces0 The structure is too strange for my liking (e.g. Lying From You as second to last track in the main set, APFMH into P5hng into OSC, SOTD into NMS into BTH). Are we allowed to change our setlists throughout the election?
  3. Well, they'll probably play every song from A Thousand Suns and their biggest hits, but since it's pretty much confirmed that they'll rotate setlists and they stopped playing songs just because they're singles, so this tour could get some amazing setlists. I assume they'll be similar to those: 00 The Requiem 01 Wretches And Kings 02 Lying From You 03 Runaway 04 Points Of Authority 05 No More Sorrow 06 From The Inside 07 New Divide 08 What I've Done 09 Waiting For The End 10 Leave Out All The Rest 11 Numb 12 Iridescent 13 Burning In The Skies 14 In Pieces 15 Shadow of The Day 16 Crawling 17 In The End 18 Bleed It Out ------------- 19 Fallout 20 The Catalyst 21 Blackout 22 Faint 23 One Step Closer 01 From The Inside 02 When They Come For Me 03 Papercut 04 Wretches And Kings 05 New Divide 06 Faint 07 No More Sorrow 08 Waiting For The End 09 Leave Out All The Rest 10 Somewhere I Belong 11 Breaking The Habit 12 Burning In The Skies 13 Robot Boy 14 Fallout 15 The Catalyst 16 What I've Done 17 In The End 18 Crawling 19 Numb (acoustic) 20 The Messenger ------------- 21 Bleed It Out 22 A Place For My Head 23 Forgotten 24 One Step Closer 01 No More Sorrow 02 Blackout 03 Points Of Authority 04 Don't Stay 05 Figure.09 06 From The Inside 07 New Divide 08 Given Up 09 Breaking The Habit 10 Burning In The Skies 11 Numb 12 Waiting For The End 13 Shadow Of The Day 14 What I've Done 15 Hands Held High 16 Crawling 17 Hit The Floor 18 Faint 19 One Step Closer ------------- 20 Fallout 21 The Catalyst 22 When They Come For Me 23 In The End 24 Bleed It Out
  4. 01 The Requiem/The Radiance 02 With You (Reanimated) 03 Runaway ('03/'04 intro w/ Stick N Move verse 1) 04 Lying From You 05 Papercut 06 Points Of Authority (Frgt/10 verse 2 over 09' intro, Figure.09 verse 1 over studio outro) 07 Faint (w/ new intro & new outro) 08 Reading My Eyes 09 From The Inside (mike on keyboard for the verses) 10 Breaking The Habit (acapella outro) 11 New Divide (synth intro) 12 Leave Out All The Rest 13 Numb (transition into) 14 What I've Done 15 The Catalyst 16 Crawling 17 In The End 18 Jornada Del Muetro/Waiting For The End 19 Bleed It Out (TTG verse 1 over ext. intro, Carry Me Away chorus+BITS chrous over ext. bridge, drum solo,chorus sing-along, ext outro) ---------- 20 Wretches & Kings (Speech scratch intro) 21 When They Come For Me 22 QWERTY ('06 version) 23 A Place For My Head 24 Part Of Me 25 One Step Closer (Reanimated)
  5. Hybrid Theory-era With You [Europe Headline Tour intro] Runaway By Myself Papercut Points Of Authority And One Pushing Me Away Crawling High Voltage Forgotten [extended intro & bridge] It's Going Down In The End --------- Step Up A Place For My Head One Step Closer [extended bridge] Meteora-era Papercut [uK November intro] Points Of Authority Don't Stay [late 03/early 04 Synth intro] Lying From You With You [Reanimated; Summer Sonic 2006 intro] Runaway Numb Breaking The Habit P5hng Me A*wy Figure.09 [PR Medley outro] From The Inside Somewhere I Belong Faint In The End Hip-Hop Medley ---- Crawling [Reanimation intro] Easier To Run A Place For My Head [extended intro & bridge] One Step Closer [Reanimated] Minutes To Midnight-era No More Sorrow [long intro] With You From The Inside Given Up Lying From You Papercut Points Of Authority [09 intro & outro] What I've Done [AMBO intro] Leave Out All The Rest Numb In Pieces Breaking The Habit Shadow Of The Day Hands Held High [verse 1 a capella] Crawling [Reanimation intro w/ HHH verse 2] Somewhere I Belong A Place For My Head In The End Bleed It Out [Party Mix] --- New Divide QWERTY [2006 version] Faint [extended outro] One Step Closer [Reanimated; extended outro] A Thousand Suns-era Pale Papercut With You Lying From You Points Of Authority New Divide No More Sorrow [short extended intro] Blackout Empty Spaces/When They Come For Me Jornada Del Muerto Waiting For The End Breaking The Habit What I've Done Numb [piano outro] Iridescent Crawling Burning In The Skies In The End Bleed It Out [Party Mix] --- Wretches And Kings Fallout The Catayst A Place For My Head Faint [extended outro] One Step Closer [Reanimated; extended outro]
  6. Wretches And Kings What I've Done Waiting For The End In The End Faint One Step Closer
  7. The Rising Tied is my favourite record realesed by any LP-related act, maybe even the best album I know. An amazing lyrical input by Mike (FM Mike > oldschool LP-Mike), some of the best beats I've ever heared and great collaborations (e.g. SoB & Holly Brook). It's hard to choose a favourtie track because the all of them are great, but Kenji, Cigarettes, Remember The Name, In Stereo and The Hard Way are masterpieces. It introduced me to Hip-Hop and brought me back to LP after I lost sight of them for a while. Thank you, Mr. Shinoda, for releasing the only record up to date I can easily listen to from beginning to end without skipping one single track, even 5 years after it's been released.
  8. Pale (short interlude version) Lying From You Somewhere I Belong P5hng Me A*wy Papercut When They Come For Me We Made It/Dedicated/I Have Not Begun (Medley) Breaking The Habit What I've Done In Pieces Iridescent Leave Out All The Rest Waiting For The End In The End Easier To Run Crawling Across The Line Faint (new outro) Fallout The Catalyst Given Up Bleed It Out Wretches And Kings Figure.09 By_Myslf One Step Closer (Reanimated)
  9. We already got: Bleed It Out/There They Go Bleed It Out/Reading My Eyes Bleed It Out/Papercut Bleed It Out/Burnung In The Skies Bleed It Out/A Place For My Head I think QWERTY, With You, Hit The Floor or Figure.09 would work as well. And there's still some stuff I'd love to here over POA like the 2nd verse in Frgt/10, Mike's verse(s) from RTN and We Made It or the rap part in the end of And One.
  10. Easier To Run, (A Place For My Head,) Figure.09 and P5hng Me A*wy would be really cool and think if it comes to the setlist poll, i think one of them will win. When it comes to the unrealistic shit, i think Dedicated and Step Up should be played live because 1)it's a way for LP to show us that they care about their "hardcore/oldschool fans" (as the common lp fan doesn't know them) and 2)I think both of them would be crowd-pleasers.
  11. The Requiem Wretches And Kings Papercut Empty Spaces When They Come For Me Given Up (w/ new ext.intro) New Divide Faint (w/ new ext.outro, blending into...) No More Sorrow (w/ long intro) Jornada Del Muerto Waiting For The End Wisdom, Justice, And Love Iridescent Numb The Radiance Breaking The Habit Shadow Of The Day Crawling P5hng Me A*wy One Step Closer (w/ Reanimation Bridge, ext.outro) ---------- Fallout The Catalyst What I've Done The Messenger In The End (w/ new ext.intro) Bleed It Out (w/ ext.bridge, ext.outro)
  12. 00. The Requiem/ The Radiance (over PA) 01. Papercut 02. Points Of Authority 03. Waiting For The End 04. Numb 05. Crawling 06. Leave Out All The Rest 07. My December 08. What I've Done 09. Faint 10. Step Up 11. Wretches And Kings 12. In The End 13. Wisdom, Justice, And Love 14. Iridescent 15. Breaking The Habit 16. New Divide ------- 17. Fallout 18. The Catalyst 19. Given Up 20. Bleed It Out ------- 21. With You 22. One Step Closer 23. Figure.09 00. The Requiem/ The Radiance (over PA) 01. Wretches And Kings 02. Lying From You 03. Papercut 04. Points Of Authority 05. Waiting For The End 06. Hands Held High 04. What I've Done 05. Numb 06. In Pieces 07. Breaking The Habit 08. Shadow of The Day 09. Crawling 10. In The End 11. Iridescent 12. Fallout 13. The Catalyst 14. Given Up 15. Bleed It Out 16. Faint ------- 17. The Messenger 18. Easier To Run (acoustic) 19. The Little Things Give You Away ------- 20. New Divide 21. P5hng Me A*wy 22. One Step Closer
  13. Wretches and Kings (w/ long album-style intro) Lying From You (new synth-based live version) Points Of Authority (w/ 09 intro) Reanimation Medley (Ppr:Kut; By_Myslf; Plc.4 Mie Hæd) P5hng Me A*wy What I've Done (w/ AMBO intro) Numb Given Up (w/ new extended intro) No More Sorrow (w/ short intro) Blackout From The Inside Breaking The Habit (w/ 09 piano intro) Leave Out All The Rest Shadow Of The Day Crawling (w/ HHH/Reanimtion intro) Somewhere I Belong In The End Iridescent Bleed It Out (Party Mix) ----- The Catalyst Waiting For The End Nobody's Listening (new synth-based live version w/ extended outro) ----- New Divide (w/ Synth intro) Faint (w/ new extended outro) One Step Closer
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