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  1. Loved Sydney's performance. Waiting for the End was one of the highlights for me, my sister thought her voice was "too high" though lol
  2. Beautiful show, I'm so glad they were able to come out and do this. Not only was it a necessary step in the grieving process for the fans, but for the band as well. An incredibly cathartic experience and a night I will never forget. I'm excited for what the future will bring.
  3. They just want a quick buck. They probably didn't even bother to read the stuff about the credit card thing. Though it does irritate me to see that they are selling tickets for rows 1, 2, 3, etc. when I got got 22...
  4. Yeah I have the same thing. I also think its related to the credit card thing.
  5. I got F1. Searched for some closer but it said none available so I just took the tickets it recommended me, not sure if those were the best seats they had left or what... didn't want to take any chances to miss this event. At least I'm going!
  6. Heard there were fans visiting his house, and since I live close by I decided to stop by and pay my respects. Here are some pictures if you guys want to see them: http://imgur.com/a/WLztz
  7. I still can't believe it, wow. Feels like I lost a part of me today. Rest in peace, dude.
  8. Really don't like this song. :/ Still have hope for the album though, I guess. I'll probably wait to hear more songs before I make a decision.
  9. Wow... I don't watch Million Dollar Listing, but my sister used to. Never would expect this to happen lol.
  10. How fitting, I just received my rejection letter from UCLA yesterday lol. But Congrats to LP
  11. I want to go I want to hear By Myself and Forgotten live