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  1. So I downloaded the PES 2015 Demo yesterday as I'm an avid Football/Soccer fan. To my surprise the song is the only song featured (at the moment) on the Demo itself.
  2. Does anyone know if Minutes to Midnight has been repressed? I been looking around and found quite a few sites that have it up :\? http://www.amoeba.com/minutes-to-midnight-lp-linkin-park/albums/867015/ http://www.overstock.com/Books-Movies-Music-Games/Linkin-Park-Minutes-To-Midnight-Vinyl-Explicit-Version/4515348/product.html http://www.amazon.com/Minutes-Midnight-Vinyl-Linkin-Park/dp/B000PITXPU http://www.cduniverse.com/productinfo.asp?pid=8812629 http://www.tower.com/minutes-midnight-linkin-park-vinyl/wapi/111332571 I haven't read anything on this so does anyone know?
  3. I think WB is trying to squeeze the milk out of the cash cow as much as they can now. $90 for a summit, wow. I remember going to the 2012 summit in NJ, it was $50, but didn't pay a thing. It doesn't feel "for the fans" anymore, more like "For our pockets"
  4. I think maybe a few people that went to the AZ concert would have an idea of what's being sold for the THP era. The Snapback, yes they sold that, seems the price hasn't gone down since its about the same I paid for it (about $40)
  5. If anyone needs anyone to import these for you fellow International fans, I can. If you can get at least 3 people to chip in, I can do you the favor for $29 Each CD (This includes taxes, shipping and paypal fee's). If individually, it would be about $33. So you save yourself about $4 the more people that buy. I did this in 2012 for the BURN IT DOWN EP's for a few LPU peeps. Also it may seem pricey, but shipping is about $10 to ship from the US internationally! PM me if interested!
  6. Do I have any takers? lol, I added a link to my eCrater store if anyone is interested, Accepting offers for stuff! Also, I heard Collision Course is being Reissued on Record Store Day 2014, not my cup of tea, but whatever.. Would have preferred a 1st pressing of Fort Minor's: The Rising Tied instead Clicky Me!
  7. I'm still selling my collection (Most of it, except some Vinyl). Its a hassle listing so much stuff on eBay, so If anyone is interested in anything hit me up. I know most of the rarer stuff is gone but heck, i just want to make space now lol. Thanks!
  8. I have to say the only member I don't like is Brad, he didn't shake my hand :@
  9. To all LP Collectors, seems someone got mad they flooded orders at HT and some of the Vinyl came with deep cuts like made with a Box Cutter as seen: Hot Topic offered me a refund, but the fact that a few have been damaged like this before reaching its destination is just unacceptable...
  10. Sorry man, guess some people were way too quick. 7 were left at the time I put this message up!
  11. Check again guys! These are back in stock, i do believe a limited amount of stock! so hurry! http://www.hottopic.com/hottopic/Lin...e-10116252.jsp
  12. Absolutely nothing , I found out from someone reliable lol. Though I just want them gone before re-seller mania starts on eBay xD
  13. The Reissued Pressing of Meteora is up at Hot Topic. These are limited to 1500 and I'm pretty sure they will run out faster than the Hybrid Theory Clear one's. Get on it Guys Meteora Metallic Gold 2x Vinyl LP Hot Topic Exclusive EDIT: As per a Hot Topic Insider, there are currently less than 400 LEFT!!! there selling pretty quick
  14. +1 I feel like the perks of being an LPU member have just gone away. The chats are dead, the band barely shows up for a chat. All in all its just the package that everyone is after. Summits are nice, but that's about it. Theres nothing much left as "exclusive" (content-wise: like videos, mp3s, etc.) for the LPU.
  15. So... Mike is gonna do a Q & A on a "awesome" social network such as Facebook instead of heading to the LPU where paying fans are awaiting him after MONTHS of a dead LPU... Seems Legit.. What's so exclusive about the LPU now then? lol
  16. It will be sold through Hot Topic next week also. Though I doubt too many people out of the US will try to get it as the shipping charges are nearly $40 outside the US..
  17. Hot Topic is releasing an EXCLUSIVE Clear Vinyl of the infamous album, Hybrid Theory. It is out today. Only limited to 1000 WORLDWIDE! So guys, if your into Vinyl, Its a great buy http://www.hottopic.com/hottopic/Music/Wha...ve-10101248.jsp Dat Clear Vinyl...
  18. Wow, great Remix.. this is the kind of remixes I like hearing, not that EDM stuff
  19. What is this? And what did you do to my Linkin Park :'(?
  20. Read about this also, I guess LP is following the Deftones route and re-releasing albums in Colored Vinyl, but my, my dat Gold Color
  21. There not always right There only Human sir xD
  22. From what i seen you can find it HERE Though it doesn't mention it is a "Live" Track, it mentions ALTNC is a "Rick Rubin Reboot" whatever the heck that means xD
  23. Good thing I stopped collecting, I would have been tempted by this but meh, Its not incentive enough. $500? It better come with some hair samples from all the members of the band xD. Bu tin all serious $500, what were they thinking? :\
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