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  1. Man it means a lot for us please do it we spent countless hours doing research and editing everything Being married and having a baby plus my job drains my time so having time to work on this project was difficult for me. Would be cool if someone uploads it to multiple servers like mega/zippy or somewhere else
  2. I would rather get married to my collection lol
  3. I also added every performance of Qwerty for the same reason, it was only performed 5 times and each time it was a little bit different.
  4. Instead of making a whole new different version, updating this collection would be better for me. In Disc 1 I would swap stuff if it's really necessary like Faint Athens for Seattle was a fucking good upgrade in quality. In Disc 2 I won't remove any track but the possibilities in disc 2 are that i wouldn't mind adding tons of stuff or having every version of BIO, POA that are missing. I would like to add more We Made It performances since it was performed like 4 times I fucking love Crawling w Cornell that's why there's 3 versions with him.
  5. THE WAIT IS OVER! Please give us a comment, too much time was spent on this
  6. In collaboration with Garret we created two albums based in the very best tracks and rare performances from the whole DSP collection (over 200 shows) In case that there's a request that should be added to the collection feel free to ask and we will consider it. The files are fully tagged, in case that you find a mistake or a glitch in a file, let me know! ENJOY! ORIGINAL THREAD The Ultimate DSP Experience / DOWNLOAD DISC 1 Rare & Unique Performances / Download DISC 2 Password: chester Thank you so much Garret for working with me on this one, it was really fun man, you fucking rock, your knowledge is out of this world. This project is dedicated to our hero, Chester Bennington. DISC 1 TRACKLIST: DISC 2 TRACKLIST:
  7. Im finally uploading the project I'll share it in a few hours 😃
  8. theres no need dude, ill be up all night until i finish this i have time tonight, ill finish it for sure and release it tomorrow!
  9. It's a shame that this wasn't released as a Linkin Park song this is the sound that they should move to.
  10. I promise to release it this week, i just came back from my vacation im still stuck in tagging every file and the covers are not ready but I'm confident that it will be out this week.
  11. I've never seen these videos im shocked they were uploaded 3 years ago Papercut Step Up In the End With You Runaway Holy shit Check it out.. Someone preserve them please https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdLW6P_5ObLv7QKLUdlTfgw
  12. Sounds like something from a Disney/Nick show from 2006.
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