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  1. Cause the sales would be even worse This is a major release Grey Daze is doing fine they are in some top 10 billboard rock charts. Like it or not.
  2. Not better than Sickness/WITE Very forgettable.
  3. No problem dude! I wonder when ill have time to fix DISC 1 in order to add Iridescent
  4. The HTEP songs are as dark as By Myself so they fit easily with the rest of the album.
  5. Carousel, Part of Me, Step Up & High Voltage reprise I've never liked PMA as the last song HT needed a final epic song like APFMH
  6. https://uklomavistarecordings.ochre.store/merch/173755-grey-daze-limited-edition-chester-mosaic-poster?lang=es Poster available Sold out from the GD site.
  7. Wow. "LP era Chester" Dude they are honoring Chester's life not an era Chester is not an object and he is not owned by Linkin Park.
  8. The Wesley photo has nothing to do with Grey Daze it was a conflict between him and Club Tattoo, and you are assuming that the mosaic poster is the same situation but you have no proof on that one. Meh.
  9. I want to see the proof man not words.
  10. This community has become like a Hilary Vs Trump debate we attack each other using the same arguments over and over and over again And I'm part of this too lol Do we really have a proof that they stole pictures? That would be interesting for me.
  11. It's good marketing it kinda is Chester's lost music ask to a group of 100 LP fans only like 10 or less would know about the existence of Grey Daze.
  12. What a fucking disgusting toxic shitty environment LPL has become Have you fucking read the tracklist from their official site? Have you read the tracklist from every site that is selling the album? THEY DON'T MENTION THE FUCKING GUESTS IN ANY FUCKING SOOOOOOOONG What is wrong with you people? All of you talk trash without even thinking Find a fucking tracklist that lists every guest, you can't because it doesn't exist.
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