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  1. JZLP

    LPU 19 Launches

    You came pretty late to the game Im a fan since 2001 I joined LPU since year 1 its not about money its about true love and passion for this band. You'll never understand.
  2. try this http://www.convertanymusic.com/drm-media-converter/
  3. JZLP

    LPU 19 Launches

    Awesome post Garret you basically said e everything that was awesome about being a member of the LPU Back then it was a privilege an honor With my sarcastic post i was trying to say that the packages will never be special anymore It's just merch without heart.
  4. JZLP

    LPU 19 Launches

    LPU 20 Bundle *Exclusive toilet paper *T shirt *Trash bags with exclusive recycled design from LPU 7 *NO CD *NO CD *NO CD *Keychain with a picture of Jessica Bardas *Random welcome letter from previous years
  5. It makes me sick to read the negativity from some of you guys about this project it's just a fucking tribute for their brother if you don't like the new versions it's not like they are deleting from existence the old ones. Sean and co deserve respect.
  6. Seems like I'm the only fan of this project I love this new version, the production might not be great but it has the vibe of the 90s. The drums sound weird like programmed drums but the song has a lot of emotion Huge fan of Grey Daze so anything new by them it's gold to me Where's Lestat?
  7. I hate that people are saying that this a remix album This project is very similar to Reanimation It's a reinterpretation of Grey Daze songs. All of us should feel proud that the GD Members and guests gave their heart in order for this to be possible this is not a cash grab they don't need fucking money, Sean doesn't want to make a career as a musician he's fucking rich he's just giving the respect that his brother Chester deserves.
  8. Who thr fuck is tictac08? He released this and What Are You Worth that's so fucking great
  9. Hi JZLP - I'm a bit late to the party but I'd love to download your 'Ultimate DSP Experience' compilation although the link appears to be dead. It takes me to a '403 forbidden' page. Are you able to fix it, by any chance? I'd be really grateful. Thanks and Happy New Year! Regards, Lewis

  10. JZLP

    Xero News

    LPL staff didn't give a shit about leaking tons of unreleased beats that the band might use in the future But it's a huge deal releasing a demo of a song that the band doesn't care anymore? Give me a break.
  11. Delete my posts it's all meaningless drunk crap Sorry talinda.
  12. Talinda.. Bennington? Who is that woman? As far as I know she's already engaged to some other dude, respect your new man and don't disrespect Chester. I'm super excited about this project, Grey Daze is such an amazing band and Chester's vocals were so good he was super young that's remarkable.
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