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  1. T shirts inspired by demo names would be cool, only real hardcore fans would get it
  2. Could someone share all the versions of it's going down? Please
  3. No White Pegacorn, this is bullshit.
  4. I totally forgot about this, you are lucky that a proshot of this exists.
  5. Havoc & GBC remixes of Wretches & Kings should be added both of them have new verses
  6. Next album using Chesters vocals would be great, we need closure... The Cranberries are recording an album with demo vocals I dont think that the band would do a 100% Chester album, but it would be great to have the last track of an album with a Chester song, one final song.
  7. 2004 me would be so fucking shocked if he had access to all of this live shit I was a collector back then, I was so proud of my live bootleg collection, thank you so much fo rthis.
  8. I would rather have Geki around hes a hardcore fan who keeps this forum alive, just concentrate on the thread Mike should do NRL in the next LP tour, hes capable now.
  9. I would love to see a screen shot of that LOOOOOL
  10. Very beautiful song, I love his voice Much respect to Scott.
  11. Just because you can cover other peoples songs doesnt mean that you are as good as them, Brad is an underated guitarist but he has created a lot of great riffs Rob is good too, very unique drumming.
  12. LPL on Twitter should ask directly to Mike
  13. Probably they didnt edit the whole thing man... VictimizedQWERTY was fucking insane dude, i still remember every seconf of it Whats your top 3 ballad medley performances?
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