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  1. Signed and even left a message, hope this helps!
  2. It's honestly a blessing that he's able to get back on stage and rock it with two bands for this long every other night after an injury like that. Having just gone through partial knee reconstruction surgery I can tell you that just having to use ice is probably nothing for him by now, 2nd nature.
  3. Hm, I really hope that Little Things Give You Away made it to the set but doubtful if LOATR is already there. I'd love to see an acoustic guitar rendition of BTH though!
  4. Kind of ironic too, didn't Pearl Jam open for LP back in 07? Or was that vice versa too? Anyway, this should be a huge honor for the band, ROR is one of the most intense American metal festivals around, which means that people are noticing the bands return to heavy music. Seriously even tempted to make the trip out myself from New Jersey because three of my top 15 favorite bands are headlining.
  5. SBD is soundboard recorded, DSP is just an acronym for digital souvenir package, but generally all DSP's are SBD's.
  6. Wait, I didn't know Bristow rehearsal was filmed! This shall be watched immediately!
  7. ALITS should definitely open an encore, that would work so well. Otherwise I really wanna see War, KTTK, and Rebellion, though I don't really have my hopes set for Rebellion cause of Brad.
  8. Good memories with that one, blasted it on my parents home theater system with vodka and lemonade, good times
  9. So that makes this what, the 2nd show to not have ITE in the setlist?
  10. Yeah, New Divide seems to be turning into the next Crawling. Which is odd considering how great Crawling sounded at Download, but then again maybe Chester was just giving it his all for the one off performance.
  11. I think that there is a fine line between what can be called "rock" and pop," that changes throughout the years and decades. In the 80's, you might have said the difference between pop and rock would be Madonna and U2. In the 90's, you could say the fine line was between Ace of Base and Soundgarden, but ultimately it will always change. But what we can always count on is Linkin Park being the band to cross over both lines and mesh them into one big epic album that pushes both sides of the boundaries!
  12. I wonder if they're gonna do the album version of CFTI, or the current version... if they say they're doing album versions of songs, only cause they aren't omitting the OSC outro!
  13. Saturday is going to be a truly historic, legendary, and balls to the walls (because if we're going back to 2000, why not ressurect some old school phrases too?) EPIC day for Linkin Park, the fans, and everybody at Download. I still find it SO hard to believe that this is actually happening and my pessimistic side is expecting some Mike style troll or delay from the band or something. But my very minor cynicism aside, SHIT WILL GO DOWN SATURDAY AT DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL.
  14. Oh dear God, HBO is about to experience some serious shit......
  15. Time to go leak hunting! ALL THE HYPE!!!!!!!!!
  16. WHERE THE HELL DID THAT COME FROM!!!!! *what was going through my head as soon as the heavy parts came in.* You can totally hear Darons influence in the instrumental but SHIT, this might be the heaviest instrumental they've ever played!!
  17. Very Hybrid Theory style vibe to it, basic structure but deep layers in both instruments and vocals.. It's safe to say that they've channeled a good deal of HT on THP.
  18. This actually looks like a pretty intense film! Can't wait to see it!
  20. http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/linkin-park/2014/kino-veterans-memorial-stadium-tucson-az-13c089e5.html Current setlist on setlist.fm! Anyone know if it's real??
  21. Nice job guys!! Really digging the new layout, it's good to have a change up every few years! Also, am I the only one having trouble loading the site quickly right now?
  22. The lack of effort in this song disappointed me so much. I have always given LP the benefit of the doubt when it comes to softer songs because they usually display an extremely original brand of creativity that helps define them as a band. In fact, I have made it clear numerous times that A Thousand Suns was my favorite record of theirs since Hybrid Theory. This time however, they simply rehashed old Meteora synths with extremely lazy lyrics. This song is officially going down as my least favorite LP song of all time. I really hope that it's not meant to represent the new record in any way, shape, or form, and simply exists to meet their radio friendly single quota. Guilty All The Same was way better as a representative of this record if it is as heavy as they claim it is. Until It's Gone gets a 2/10 and that's being generous.
  23. Dayum, I have a feeling this is gonna be the "In The End" or "Numb" of The Hunting Party, judging by its description and hype. Can't wait to hear it!
  24. I'm probably as excited for Tom Morello as I am for Daron Malakian right now. It seems as though LP are pulling out all the stops for us hardcore fans this time around!
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