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  1. Oh man, I predicted a Russian date as soon as Poland got announced. Seems like we're getting a full european leg like in 2012. Hope Saint Petersburg gets some love too.
  2. It was me streaming the same KTLA broadcast for some time. :]On that note... since I probably won't come back to it as I've planned, here's some stuff from 2009 Greenfest show (was unlisted for a while): , , , .
  3. Oh man, I was testing Hangouts recording to save this stuff, but sadly it didn't record the output audio from screen capture.
  4. WaitWaitWaitWait... that's all? No LITE, no old or new stuff? Is it me, or are LP's shows getting more lackluster each year?
  5. Pretty much this. I'm alright with fun and games (and it was fun) and here it was quite civil, but complaining to the guy or directly insulting him? It's not doing any good, for everyone. Yep, good stuff.
  6. A lot of people were acting as if they were entitled, especially on Twitter. The hate messages to Doug is where it gets really bad though. As a fanbase, shouldn't we be better than that?
  7. CASTLE OF GLASS, indeed. Edit: it seems the stream shut down, probably because of our little Doug-fest here.
  8. Yep, Breaking The Habit. For now, seems like it's Festival Set B for tonight.
  9. At least we're back to setlist tracking and croud packin' with Doug. One of the biggest bands in the world, just over his shoulder!
  10. Lies Greed Misery, for the moment Linkin Park are killing just our expectations. But they seem to be in their top shape, so it's all good for the guys in the crowd.
  11. Man, this broadcast sucks. At least we get the set as it's happening, I guess.
  12. - James, can you hear me? *sad trumpet starts playing* Hilarious. Anyway, hope LP does something out of the ordinary this time. Fingers crossed for And One.
  13. Oh my, a Julien-K show in Russia! I hope they come to St. Petersburg too. If not... I guess it'd be time to visit Moscow, haha.
  14. I'm definitely buying St.Petersburg DSP. Not sure about "usual place" though since I don't have an account there... Maybe I could contact someone so he'd upload it there for me?
  15. That was one hell of a show. Fan-zone was going crazy and LP were as great as ever. Such a powerfull set, you don't even get to catch your breath in between the songs. We also did two flashmobs, first with paper airplanes on Iridescent ( , here and ) and then we showed them hearts after they finished the show. No video yet.
  16. I'm going Also will be live-tweeting the set (hopefully) so tommorow my twitter is gonna be all about the show. Since there's no email for me about M&G, I guess I'm out of luck on this. :[
  17. That's actually just pretty stupid and shows the level of most Russian fans. But in a country where site as bazinga! claims to be the leading fan-site...
  18. First point on the list is not a band's name, it's venue open time. Also, can't f-ing wait for St. Petersburg show. Just 4 days lol.
  19. APFMH was really great. I'd love if they dropped Crawling in favor of it in Saint Petersburg lol. OR, better, drop Runaway. Also: why is Joe's part on Blackout so simplified on ? Did he mess it up or they played this way in Berlin too?
  20. That's a great performance. Actually, the best one up to date. Chester's vocal doesn't sound lame in first verse and the band nails it. Also, pyro. It's a shame this audio won't get released.
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