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  1. I always imagined that the band will be with me forever. When I will turn old, I will see them how are they doing, still playing music etc. I never thought this could happen. Still don't believe it. I live in Hungary and I waited since the year of 2000 to play a show here in my country. Not even a month ago, I saw them live in the first line at VOLT Festival. One of the greatest experiences of my life! Beyond being a very talented man, a good friend and a gentleman, I'm sorry like everybody else. I had no idea that the man was in pain, that the man was suffering.
  2. I will be there! Hope they will play a special setlist.
  3. I hope someone will record the full show in HD. Want to watch it on a big screen TV. Unfortunately, Hola VPN is not working for me.
  4. I hope the teasers will reveal the new album's name and release date. It's too much hype for just a single release.
  5. I still think, they will do the Beyoncé release thing.
  6. I'm starting to get scared because of those hats! I don't want country music, please!
  7. What if they do the Beyoncé thing? Do you remember in 2013, when she released her Beyoncé album without any prior announcement or promotion? I wouldn't be surprised if Linkin Park would do the same thing. That would be a "surprise".
  8. I don't expect any new single before late February or early March. They need a big promotion for their new album. Do you remember they previous album releases? Social media sites of course, but nothing else? Shoot a great music video for the single, but choose wisely! The first single means everything for a regular listener. Don't get me wrong, I just have much expectations for the new album. A dream would come true if there will be an iTunes exclusive or a bonus version with "Making of" video or any bonus tracks.
  9. Linkin Park Studio Collection just showed up in the hungarian iTunes Store for 13.99€!
  10. New LPTV videos are so much better than "A Thousand Suns" cycle ones. Finally not black & white. Still no words of any Special Edition or CD+DVC combo for Living Things.
  11. Another black & white LPTV episode. Somebody buy a new camera for them.
  12. I have a black screen too. But I don't know why. 4 days ago, I was able to watch Seasick Steve video. On july 4th, when Neon Trees started it was black. Nothing. Even on my iPhone. It is kind of a restrict thing? Like only US and british users can watch it? I don't have any codec problem. It worked 4 days ago.
  13. Can't wait to someone who will rip the HQ video and put it on the usual place.
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