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  1. Blink 182 has posted photos of them rehearsing with linkin park on there instagram story
  2. Who here has seen Alex McMillan's covers? He's old YouTube account got deleted but the videos are still floating around on other YouTube channels. He's done a few recent ones the last couple years on he's channel https://youtu.be/chsqdJUzzSo
  3. Yer I was on my iPad. Was the same. I'm now watching the YouTube stream. It's good
  4. It's working fine on the app. On the computer it works then feels buffering
  5. i have it working on the Vorterix app on my phone but the video quality is terrible, the audio is good what is everyone elses like?
  6. hey guys is there any way to share them or where could I find them, I'm really interested in the drum ones
  7. Do you have to sign up to the page that the stream is on? I have it open and what do I do to get it. What has everyone else got on there screen?
  8. Who Metallica? They had fans up onstage behind the band. Wonder how it sounded for them since the speakers point the other way lol
  9. No drum solo looked like mike was pointing to rob but he didn't want to do it
  10. Same here!!!!!!!!!! Wow! Need a recording asap!!!!
  11. I think it looks like he's headphones are feeding him the audio cause u see on he's right side the black cord going to the bottom of he's right side of the headphones
  12. Thought they would put ALITS where faint is to close the main set before the encore
  13. Sucks to people that had tickets that haven't even seen LP before since they were going to city's that they haven't played at for years... I'm from Australia and I hope they get to do a tour here when Chester is all better since they havmt toured here yet for this cycle
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