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  1. So true. Very well said. ANYONE can learn how to play an instrument. But when it comes to the vocals: either you have an awesome voice or not! Sure you can take singing lessons but if you do not have the predisposition for it, it won't work that much. If your voice is bad it won't get so much better from practicing.
  2. Exactly. Thats why i think the singer is the most important. Also when i listen to a song i mostly listen to the voice... of course i like good guitar sounds, bass and whatever (and lyrics)...but the most important thing to me are the vocals. thats what you hear in first line.
  3. I can not agree with that :/ I only met them once. But from all i heard and saw chester was always the nicest. And he is also very nice with KIDS. Helps thems, cuddles them... (he was part of the "someone cares" project) And mike often makes very bad jokes, which can be insulting to ppl.
  4. @kurtis Well, maybe you met Chester when he was in a bad mood? I remember what i heard from many M&G that Chester cared the most about the fans. I also heard from a few ppl that mike was saying things that were really mean. Ok, everybody has their good and bad times. But all in all i think Chester is the nicest. He always is so close to the fans, hugs them (even on the concert, when he is in the crowd) and all. Chester doesnt give a shit about the security guys. If a fan wants to get a hug from chester, he does so!! Mike always says no. I have the feeling that while chester interacts the most with the fans (when it comes to real life, not the internet) the other guys are like "just dont have any body contact.."
  5. Spikey hair, Mohawk, and ATS style are my favourites!!
  6. So then...maybe Mike's ideas were so bad that they had to rework the songs so much Maybe (for someone who doesn't like ATS) the songs were even more worse with JUST MIKEs ideas. See, it's not so sure if he has the MOST Talent in the group when it comes to songwriting. I remember that CHESTER was the one who told the guys to do music they love to make and not what everybody wants them to hear.
  7. No. If Mike is the main part then maybe it's 80% HIS decision which songs make it on the album. Maybe the other guys have better ideas, but mike doesnt take them? Or they dont tell him Maybe...they leave it all up to Mike. Or they are just too lazy Who knows???
  8. BITS is going to be the next single *yay*
  9. intro rap on blackbirds??? did i miss anything???
  10. Then how you guys know, if something is bad (and mike has taken the main part on it) , that the other guys of lp couldnt make it BETTER?
  11. Ok. I personally wouldnt like Linkin Park anymore if there would be another singer. Mike is not the only important. Imagine there would be super lyrics, but a shitty singer. Would u still like the songs just because the lyrics are sooo great? Even if the vocals are crap? I dont think so. Yeah, lyrics are important. But the most important part for me is how a song SOUNDS like.....(vocals, melodies...) even a song with shit lyrics can sound good. BTW: if a record sucks (for example some ppl dont like ATS) it's all Mike to blame, right? Because he is the MAIN PART ......?? So if something is bad, it's Mike's fault.
  12. Cmon Mike is NOT Linkin Park. All six together are. Remember LP weren't successful at all til Chester came in.
  13. LMAO as if FM would be so much better lyric wise... i dont think so. Except for a few maybe.... like kenji or The hard way...but i would not say they are BETTER... Chester mostly writes about his own experience. Actually i like these kind of lyrics more.
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