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  1. They are playing other stuff too, just played Across the line...
  2. Oh god! Shipping is not included?! Insane Linkin Park fan but $335 is still hard to justify....
  3. $320 AUD man that is expensive! 😬 $200 USD, direct conversion is $270 AUD... Australia tax man.....
  4. ps. PEZ IT THE MAN!!! got u and ur bro on faint in HD!
  5. that show was insane!!! especialy from the front row got HD video of alot of the show! including mike giving me the devil horns at the end of the show!
  6. currently waiting in the line for standing, wishing I was in the summit line....damu u all......
  7. went to she sat 11 show and got discount tix to attend tonight! hope they play blackout!
  8. Wow cool that was you! I joined in on the APFMH chant! I got to rub chesters sweaty head and im the one who caught the second drum stick Chester threw into the crowd after When They Come For Me!!!!!!!!! so cool :D
  9. show was insane, except for me and my gf getting crushed. got to rub chesters swetty head during crawling and caught the second drumstick he threw into the crowd after when they come for me HELL YEAH!!! got some good HD video during the start of the show and during in the end, got pics too. will share soon!
  11. o man I cant wait! its my first time seeing lp live,sooooooo excited! There is a sweet after party on in the city too Details here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=170354352995143 thrash nightclub is holding a linkin park after party after the dec 11 show in sydney. would be a great place for lp fans and lp live members to meet up after the show. also plain white t's are playing at the club too should b great WILL POST UPDATES HERE WHEN WAITING IN LINE FOR THE SHOW SHOULD B A GREAT NIGHT!
  12. Thats why they need to do a special show as a tribute to their hardcore fans and play some rare stuff that we will love, plus ive never seen them live (seeing them for the first time in sydney on december 11, cant wait! ) it would just be nice to hear some different songs thats all, I know they need to cater to the masses but damn QWERTY rules!
  13. Kinda disappointed by this set list, its just the same as they have been playing for the last few years... Kill Shadow Of The Day, Crawling, NMS, What ive done and all the interludes and put in some APFMH, QWERTY, With You, Across the line, Figure.9 and Pretend to be; or hell lets get some carousel, Part of me, and one and reading my eyes HELL YEAH!!! I would pay big money to see any of those 4 songs live! I think what lp need to do is hold one big special concert that they could also release on DVD where they play all the stuff they have not played in ages or even at all live, all the b-sides and songs i have mentioned above, hopefully in sydney lol THAT WOULD BE EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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