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  1. Бојкићу! ЛПСрбија овде
  2. For me... Worse song from LP ever... But rest of the album is great!
  3. Can anyone tell me... What song will be the next single!? If it is WFTE it will kick major ass! That song rocks!!!
  4. From the beginning... 1./2. The Requiem/The Radiance: 10/10 3. Burning in the Skies: 7/10 5. When They Come For Me: 7.5/10 6. Robot Boy: WORSE SONG I'VE EVER HEARD! -10/10 8. Waiting For The End: Reggae Mike is the shit I really liked this song... I just want to sit down in my car and drive 'till I die with this song repeating! Great song... Maybe best on this album... 10/10 9. Blackout: I thought that this song was going to be baddest on this album, but I was wrong! I really like this song! 9.5/10 10. Wretches and Kings: 2/10 11. Wisdom, Justice, and Love: Alien LP! 8/10 12. Iridescent: Oh God... What the hell is this!? Song of the support for the sick or homeless people!? 2/10 14. The Catalyst: Great song! 9.5/10 15. The Messenger: With "Robot Boy" 2nd worse song on this album. -10/10 Overall: 7/10, On this album we have 4 very bad songs, but the rest of the songs are really great...
  5. Now... I found this little article about ATS on Serbian Web Portal "Mondo". The title is "Political" Linkin Park. http://www.mondo.rs/s182068/Zabava/Muzika/...inkin_Park.html They say how they don't want to go back with old style, and how Rick Rubin wanted to experiment with the new album... Rick! F YOU!!!!
  6. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha! Lenin!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha! You stupid... Stupid little 5 year old girl... Hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha! What a retard! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha!
  7. +1 at Colbert reaction... +1000 on the text...
  8. Nope... When I heard MtM I had the same opinion... MtM was crap... And this will surely be... If you like the snippets, it is yours to think that... I don't judge you... I think this will be the worse album ever... I want to be wrong, but I think I wont... I haven't used ITE lyrics to "prove my point", when you hear the snippets you can hear what will songs sound like... I haven't heard anything worse than that... By the way... There is maybe one snippet I like, and that is all... I am just sick of them talking "We worked really hard on this album, "We don't want to be nu-metal" - then what do they want to be!? Pop/new Gorillaz!?
  9. LP, shame on you... 30 seconds snippets can give us what the album is going to be like, and it will be the worse in this decade! 10 f***ing years and this is what we get... If you want to make some pop/electro/bieber shit, please go on and make... I am sure you will have many pop fans, but you will lose all of yours HC fans... Goodbye LP it was a nice ride, but in the end it doesn't even mater...
  10. I don't think they will all perform on the same stage... I don't know, but I have a feeling that LP is going to perform before the show, and that performance will not be broadcasted live... I have that feeling... I hope someone will kill that gay Bieber boy...
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