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  1. Although to be fair, all artists under Warner Brothers Records had their videos deleted. This includes the runner up bands Red Hot Chili Peppers and Green Day. But since Linkin Park were much bigger back in 2007-2009 than they are now, it's quite amazing how they've still managed to be ahead of the other bands in video views. Globally, they are probably the biggest band. The thing that still strikes me odd is their twitter. They weren't really late in joining and have 1.2 million followers, but they fall way behind Green Day, Paramore, and especially Coldplay. But this could just be a sign that most of those facebook likes and youtube views are fans of their older music and don't want to follow the current Linkin Park via twitter.
  2. jonah915

    My Suffering

    Well, we've got to consider the fact that this is a mainstream record. Of course the label and producer would have to make it more mass-friendly by toning down the verses. Not surprised it was changed. Either that or it was because you could hardly make out what he's saying in the demo/original version. edit: I liked the screaming better but I could live with the final version.
  3. jonah915

    DBS Updates

    I can't stand Julien K and Orgy.
  4. they've had 2 linkin park singles on the charts at the same time.
  5. The girl who introduced New Divide was Mayleen Ramey, not Vanessa Minnillo. http://twitter.com/mayleenramey/statuses/2302685956
  6. lol @ the pissy fans. some people take things way too seriously.
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