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  1. i have a problem with stagelight not playing any sound what so ever. and im trying to get bruiser, space station, etc. and no luck i cant really get around with this program.
  2. i would love to participate, need to save money
  3. is ANYBODY going to the A THOUSAND HORIZONS EVENT????? PLEASE let me Know. send me a message on here or on my twitter @Alex21_LP
  4. http://s1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee516/...ser_media_share heres a pic of the signed 8 bit rebellion photo
  5. what CD's do you have? and what show signs? also what exactly did you want? and if you wanted the autograph i think i may need something of greater value
  6. Hey everyone! I am just wondering if anybody would like to trade something for a SIGNED by all 6 members, 8-Bit Rebellion Photo. I also have an un-opened Songs From The Underground CD. So let me know if you would like that as a trade as well. So let me know what you will offer for trade and I'll see if Iagree to it. Also i may trade some of my other stuff, just make an offer.
  7. yea the auction ones are i think 10, but i wouldnt wear ones that have all that drwing on it, and thanks PEZ for the info, i saw the ones on MS.com, just need to find 100 bucks first
  8. Are you maybe interested in selling them, because like PEZ, i also need size 11. and you did say they are brand new, right?
  9. if ANYONE has ANY of these shoes please let me know. I AM DYING to find anyon eof these but cant find them ANYWHERE. So PLEASE help me and SOMEONE REPLY. my email: alex_mcgowan_21@yahoo.com twitter: Alex21_LP
  10. well if anybody has tickets they dont want, i am availible...i wanted to go to this so bad. i have never been to a concert and have been a fan of lp for forever. when i found out i couldnt go, i was upset and my eyes teared. it is only 4 hours away from me, i am deeply sad......if anyone has info on tickets or something send me a message on here, thank you..............
  11. What is your favorite Linkin Park live moment and why? From 2000 to now, whether it's a show you've been to or not, what is your favorite moment of the band's live history? LP Live is a great source for me to get info on LP. I love it. One of my favorite moments was when they posted the link to "She Couldnt". I loved it and was so happy. My favorite moment from the band live history probably has to be them creating The Projekt Revolution Tour. It is an amazing tour and LP created it. They invite great artists to tour along with them too. It's just awesome.
  12. Oh yea now I remember the hard way. Haha and "fearthless" said single in July fingercrossed. Yes please What's fingercrossed
  13. This may also seem like a clueless but what is "the hard way" and " fingercrossed"??
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