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  1. I said yes for every question. It all depends on how cool the design is, though. So let's see what will be announced.
  2. My views of all concerts: 1st Show - Stuttgart with M&G After the M&G I was able to be in the 3rd row in front of the stage and it was fucking awesome. Also that Chester came to the crowd and took off his shirts was ... aahhhh... ;-) So the overall package was just unbeliveable and unforgettable! 2nd Show - Cologne Ok, we arrived late (had to work in the morning ) so we didn't get a very good place, but it was ok. I sad already in the beginning of the tour, that I wanted one show where I can see the whole stage with the light technic etc. So it was this time. 3rd Show - Frankfurt Amazing... thanks to SpikeMinoda I was able to stand in the first row and I had one of the best evenings of my life. Just great! Sad points... no Chester in the growd and no 'take off shirt' from him I really missed it... but ok, I can't have everything (even if I want to ;-)). Sorry for the little summary, although it's only for Frankfurt... but I had to tell you eveything together ;-) So thank you to all LPL members I met at the concerts and all the fun we had together! I am really looking forward to next year (and the year after, and after, and after...)
  3. Hey everyone... I will go to Stuttgart as well and will also be part of the M&G. I can't tell anyone how excited I am! I found the confirmation yesterday evening in my SPAM folder... so thank God I am not deleting it automatically. And I am happy to see, that there will be some more people from LPL so I will meet more than I thought ;-) This will be great fun!
  4. First I have to say - There is no single song on the CD that I don't like! I really love this album! But the song, which belongs most to me is 'In the Darkness'. There is no big reason why. It's just because of my boyfriend. He doesn't like Linkin Park, he doesn't like Julien-k and he also doens't like DbS - BUT he loves this song! So this song is the only one which we both love - so I love it much more ;-)
  5. Damn... LPU Summit Event in London and I can't be there :-(

  6. Hey, in case you have 1 or 2 tickets left, please let me know. I really want to come to Manchester I would be soo happy!
  7. For all (and the moderators) if you want, I can manage a LPL meeting point before the concert and afterwards. I could also organize something for clubbing/cocktailbar/hotel, etc. Just let me know!
  8. I will be at the Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Cologne concerts and hope to see some of you! Maybe, if I get tickets, I will also go to Manchester or London. Would love to do that!
  9. I also want to go, but didn't get a ticket Will try again!
  10. Will be there and hopfully meet lots of you ;-)
  11. Will be there and hopfully meet lots of you ;-)
  12. That was definitely the concert in Stuttgart 2009! It was my first live show of them and I was so nerveous! I couldn't belive I will see Linkin Park live in my town. I bought the ticket in the very first moment and crossed the days in my calendar until that date. It was just awesome. New Divide on the Open Air Stage with the sunset in the background and a summer breeze... just a dream! The whole day was just a dream! Thank you LP for this day, I will never forget it! What is your favorite Linkin Park live moment and why? From 2000 to now, whether it's a show you've been to or not, what is your favorite moment of the band's live history?
  13. Really cool idea guys! So I'll try my luck, too.
  14. Happy Birthday to Frankfurt ;-) Hope to meet you at a concert here in germany ;-) I want to get to know the 'Coolest guy of the world'!!
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