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  1. Just watched it.................... I am very very sneaky I Have Samurai Membership
  2. Mike should have said, "Who Thinks Warner Bros should grow some balls and put Blackirds on Itunes?"
  3. totally agree about the nissan pavilion one i know for a fact people will still call it Nissan instead of the Jiffy Lube Live so perverted
  4. todays the day it was supposed to come out from looking at the screen shot still nothing on there
  5. i feel like i should add sumthing in here lol 10:31 where im at ill be up for a few more hours def need sumthing now
  6. not the greatest but i guess it works it doesnt have chester singing in it
  7. well someone get it then.....
  8. damn i thought we had a longer audio clip my hype is crushed ugh!!!!!!! it sounds like it would of been better than easier to run or hit the floor which are my least 2 fav songs on the cd
  9. yea we need reupload the small clip on the making dvd is not enough
  10. does anybody know which part its in? i found it part 3 on youtube yea a reupload would be nice it does sound like it would be an epic song
  11. I know im going to get a lot of mixed comments on this I just want to know what it is and why it's so mysterious thanx