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  1. Section 101 row F in Bristow!!! see all of ya there.
  2. what does one need to do the AFI preorder? because it starts tomorrow which is 2 days before the general public. Where do i find my lpu presale code?
  3. okey dokey thanx. im trying for section 102 right in the middle of the stage. pit is too intense for me lol.
  4. How are we going to get the access to the tickets through the pre-order non lpu member???
  5. maybe lp can save the world in 2012 by releasing a better cd than this..............
  6. blackout thing = kinda wierd...........
  7. where did people get blackout preview????
  8. hopefully it will be available still if u dont preorder it and blackbirds better not be preorder only
  9. i dont have that option so i guess i havent preordered it yet
  10. i just wanna know where we can check and see if the preorder is in my purchase history? because im pretty sure when i preordered out of ashes it showed up but the a thousand suns 1 hasnt
  11. oh wow what a buzzkill i guess we will wait and see but do u know how to check and see if u preordered it?
  12. "the deluxe edition doesnt specify" and where can i make sure i pre ordered it
  13. it just says the deluxe edition nothing about parental advisory and does anyone know where we check to make sure we preordered it
  14. idk i just preordered the one the link took me to
  15. Ok so i preordered it but is it the Parental Advisory version??????????
  16. as in the Making of Dvd that comes with The CD/Dvd Set cuz if it is i wont have to buy that 2
  17. The Requiem is no 1 and 2 lol and does anyone know what A Thousand Suns: The Full Experience is?
  18. anyone notice a mistake in the itunes listing?
  19. it says its not available in the us store
  20. anyone know itunes release time?????