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  1. Wow nice video!!really amazing BTW,i captured this frame,anyone knows what are the others sings?
  2. oh my god a year already.....well i releate myself more to Let Down,i really like the song too Hoping to win,great contest guys!!!
  3. I want to see soooo badly the new live performances.....
  4. c'mon guys,we know that the song will be a bonus and LP are trying to give to the audience what they want
  5. And we are about to see what Joe Hahn said about the visuals of the live performances applied on the new songs
  6. Mike Shinoda was just in Linkinpark.com chat and said that new music video is ready too!
  7. i downloaded the video today and its a Video_TS folder but i have trouble playing the video,it stucks at buff, can anyone help me??
  8. You bet it was the first Linkin Park's concert in Greece i went... i traveled 1.000 kilometers just to see them and it was all worth it!i couldn't belive my eyes that they were actually 15 meters away from me! anyway,hope to see them again and hoping to win the big prize!!!!
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