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  1. Insane. This is my favorite Album by them ever. This is Linkin Park. This is what I hope to hear for the rest of my life.
  2. LPU6 was great because of QWERTY and Reading My Eyes, but I think my heart's set on LPU7 because it had a live version of What I've Done from the Hartford CT show I was at.
  3. Omg! No way! I know that footage!!
  4. I definitely thought Wretches and Kings was going to be the next single. BITS is a great song though and I'm already interested in seeing the video.
  5. So not that this isn't cool or anything but isn't a good chunk of the first half of TLTGYA acoustic anyway? xD I think a heavier song would be awesome. I'm thinking Lying From You specifically.
  6. I have a huge question, and don't know where else to turn. I tried to get my brother a membership so we could both enter for a meet and greet. When I went to check out on LPU, it asked me to "sign in with one of the networks below". Signing in with my email address was fine, but I couldn't log in with my brothers. Why is this? How does someone new join LPUX?
  7. This would be epic to have. I'd love to see it. I've always loved when Johnathan Davis came out on One Step Closer and to see a fan play Faint on a proshot video would be awesome.
  8. I'm going to Mohegan Sun. I could just go to Boston but I saw Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin at Mohegan Sun and I was so close to the stage (behind about 3 people).
  9. My question is when is everyone else in the fanclub going to have access to the CD? I think an online download tomorrow would be awesome xD
  10. I don't really know where to put this so forgive me if it's in the wrong place. This guy, galvanization85, has excellent quality videos of Linz. I figured that this deserves some attention. Empty Spaces/When They Come For Me: Waiting For The End: He has the whole concert. I just used these two as an example.
  11. Why would he have a reason to? If it's the same effect as they used in the studio, then it should be easy to recreate. And this is true, so i don't think he is.
  12. Kyoukan

    MTV VMA's

    Haha! Thats awesome!
  13. Kyoukan

    MTV VMA's

    I HIGHLY doubt it but that'd be beyond epic
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