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  1. If I can buy I don't need to ask here and If I ask here is because I CAN'T buy ???TO HARD TO UNDERSTAND??? So, ignoring Graham and Serg; anyone could put this up?
  2. any news about pinkpop DSP? USUALE PLACE??? ANYONE???
  3. that's bad but thanks anyway; Can anyone else upload it?
  4. did you have the dsp?could upload the usual place?
  5. anyone brought them and upload the usual place?
  6. just checked LP pfficial website and there aren't up.
  7. I think we'll see rotating setlists in the states, but I didn't like they getting rid of ATS's song
  8. I have a question about this DSP, 'cause for me it seemed there's sign of editing; if you look the video of Burn It Down - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNTbtWQ-enw - Mike isn't really audible in both rapping part of the outro, you can hear only Chester singing; Now - could it be the bad audio mix of the webcast? - Mike forgot to rap his part? - Mike has a problem with his microphone? someone who's at the show could explain that?
  9. Finally, the DSP list for the current European tour is up. Head over to downloads.linkinpark.com for more details such as the price or the setlist and all the other shows that were recorded and released since 2007. One thing thing I'd like to point out is that the Berlin show on June 5th will be recorded whereas the House Of Blues show apparently won't be released. Both are small club shows, so does anyone have an explanation for that? See the full list of shows right here: Shows: 26.05.2012 - Lisbon, POR [AVAILABLE as of June 1] 27.05.2012 - Landgraaf, NL [AVAILABLE as of June 3] 30.05.2012 - Skive, DK [AVAILABLE as of June 4] 01.06.2012 - Nurburgring, GER [AVAILABLE as of June 12] 03.06.2012 - Nuremburg, GER [AVAILABLE as of June 12] 05.06.2012 - Berlin, GER [REMOVED as of July 11th] 06.06.2012 - Bucharest, ROM [AVAILABLE as of June 17] 08.06.2012 - Nicklesdorf, AU [AVAILABLE as of June 19] 09.06.2012 - Warsaw, POL [AVAILABLE as of June 21] 10.06.2012 - Moscow, RUS [AVAILABLE as of June 26] 12.06.2012 - Odessa, UKR [AVAILABLE as of June 26] 14.06.2012 - St. Petersburg, RUS [AVAILABLE as of June 29] Feel free to use this thread for more discussions about the individual release dates and everything else that comes to your mind!
  10. here's the full show http://uploading.com/files/d9m47mbm/Rock%2BIn%2BRio%2B2012.rar/
  11. LPU90

    Until It Breaks

    thank you so much!
  12. a question; the show was broadcasted? if it was someone could upload it? Thanks!
  13. LPU90

    Until It Breaks

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIDBs3cYk0I this is Until It Breaks on the intro of WFTE; can anyone transcript the lyrics for me?
  14. could someone transcript Until It Breaks's rap lyrics
  15. regarding the webcast I though the will be brodcasted by SIC Radical but not on youtube.
  16. that's sucks that Warner already banned the webcast and with no news about the DSPs I've the fear that we get nothing from european tour 2012
  17. someone know the lineup? I mean what other bands play here and what it'll be streaming?
  18. new and improved Until It Breaks raw lyrics this is so___________getting people back to the factor,______________________ give you what you need like papa who shot ya? separate the weak from the option? lead to me I __________ switch styles of the dying, quick-witted, y'all quit trippin' I don't have time for your cryin' I grind_____ that you make your mind up are you in the firin' squad or are you in the line-up? bang bang little monkey___________ with your big guns, hold it get your slay I'm playin' I'm just there you ain't got a sliver of a chance______________________ I'm just shat my pants down so shake! shake! feel my money here's the breakdown you can play the bank, I can play the big take down and no mistakes now, comin' to get you I'm back to you you're a brainwash, the picture is like that!
  19. they'll already done two F1 shows, Abu Dhabi and Singapore; But that means that Mike or Chester (or maybe both) will be a team Lotus's guest
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