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  1. I love the WTCFM Diplo Remix. Great remix and fun as hell to play. Playing POA makes me feel like Mr. Hahn
  2. Wicked! I just bought DJ Hero 2 over the weekend, perfect timing
  3. There something I just noticed in the Fallout lyrics. Mike actually sings the final chorus from Burning In The Skies, not the first chorus as posted in the official lyrics. "Swimming in the smoke / of bridges I have burned So don't apologize / Losing what I don't deserve The blame is mine alone / for bridges I have burned So don't apologize / I'm losing what I don't deserve What I don't deserve"
  4. You can download the 1080p 1920x1080 MP4 version here (along with other versions): http://www.savevid.com/video/linkin-park-t...fficial-hd.html
  5. I'm glad they're doing this. Not everyone has an iPod Touch or iPhone so it makes sense why they would finally release it in HQ for the masses.
  6. Added in one last line before it completely fades out.
  7. Interesting, the took down the real "Behind the Sounds" video and replaced it w/ a teaser trailer for the album. I guess they accidentally put the wrong one up at first on Facebook. If you didn't see it, it was like an LPTV video (maybe 2mins in length?) discussing all the various experimental sounds they tried to find for use in their upcoming songs. Towards the end, the played approx. 5-10 secs of what sounds like the beginning of maaaay be The Catalyst... lots of clapping was heard with scratching on top of it mimicking each clap - sounded upbeat, Bleed It Out-esque if I had to compare it. Hard to explain the exact sound but it was on par with all the reviews we've been reading about from the snippet I heard Hopefully they'll re-release that video on Facebook again soon.
  8. zedtech

    First album teaser!

    Nice vid! Can't wait for the single and album to drop.
  9. Username: zedtech Just got the game last night, so cool
  10. Someone put the full Blackbirds video that you get when you beat the game up on YouTube (a bit blurry but I bet that was done on purpose). The song is in HQ audio as well, clearer than the leaked mp3. I'd post the link but I don't wanna get banned lol. Just search for Blackbirds HQ, the vid's title is "Linkin Park ~ Blackbirds HQ (Kinda)".
  11. zedtech78@gmail.com please and thanks
  12. Not sure if this has been posted before but I never knew this existed until just now. IMO - a really good ballad cover of Numb. It's done by Lori Lee - sister of Amy Lee (lead singer of Evanescence). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCd_tjUFpEw
  13. Agreed! I've already got some ideas on how to mash these up w/ the final versions. Just a matter of when I can find time to actually do it. I used to DJ and create mixes/mashups a lot back in my college days.
  14. ATL is epic - at first I felt it was BTH v2.0. I kinda see why they left it off MTM because of the direction they went w/ the album (more soft/emo) but now I just hope they incorporate it into live shows. All I know is that this song is way better than a few tracks that made the MTM cut. Drawing - I love D'n'B and this instrumental/remix really seems to build up into a Pendulum-ish track! I remember being at Projekt Rev UK and showing up during Pendulum's set - this could've easily been mixed into one of their tracks at the show. The outro seems to get a bit overwhelming, can really tell they were experimenting a lot w/ this track. IMO, two thumbs up Figure.09 Demo - Love how raw and heavy it is. Really like Chester's chrous, wish they recycled it in another song. It's amazing how a chorus can totally change the mood of a song. This rendition of the song wouldn't have been as angry as the final product. Faint Demo - Like others have said, it's got a RME feel to the lyrics. I prefer Mike lyrics on the album version over this one but it's definitely cool to see how it progressed from this to the final song. Fear Demo - I like Mike's singing but not the rapping. As its been mentioned here previously, kinda sounds like 50 Cent and feels out of place. Drum Song Demo - Really interesting to hear Mike's vocals on it. Not sure which version I like more. Now that I think of it, it would've been cool to have Mike and Chester sing this as a duet. A-Six Demo - Just as I expected it to be, which is good! Just wish it had lyrics on top of it. It's got a hint of Ppapercut to it, almost like a stripped down version of it... maybe Papercut Redux?
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