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  1. I remember when Ryu was describing the album, he kept mentioning that it had a real summer time vibe to it. So I think if/when it is released, he'd rather it be near summer time. And their was also a few interviews and blogs that Ryu and Tak chimed in on way back where they talked about the groups current situation. Your best bet to find those articles would be to go over to SOBCentral and search on the forums.
  2. Cool interview guys, I'll be sure to keep an eye out for those 2010 vids
  3. Which reminds me, I haven't been able to log into my youtube account recently so I couldn't thank ya for the DBS tabs. But like the person above me, I also saw the DBS tabs on your 4shared account. So thanks for putting those up, it gives me a chance to learn some Standard songs which I need to do more of.
  4. That's awesome man, anything you tab out/cover always comes out great. With that said, I'm hoping you'll also do "A-Six" or anything else you feel comfortable doing off the CD. (Hopefully that didn't come off as a rude request/suggestion) As for the LPU9 CD, so far its sounding really good. I'm glad the band decided to release what songs they did. Hopefully we'll see similar LPU releases like this in the future
  5. It's hard to judge albums made by two entirely separate groups in a "head to head" type way. But if we're just voting for our personal favorites, then I'd hafto say The Rising Tied for sure. Not only is it a wide ranged and diverse hip-hop album, but it also features some of the greatest rappers I've ever heard. (Styles of Beyond and Lupe Fiasco, I'm looking at you guys) Not to say that Common and Sixx John aren't awesome on the album either, cuz they are as well. But for me, hearing SOB, Lupe, and the Cobra Holder all on one album, was pretty awesome to say the least But the lyrical/vocal content doesn't stop shining there. You've also got a few tracks with Kenna and Holly Brook. I think their specific songs help to reach out to certain people that wouldn't have otherwise looked into The Rising Tied. So any time you've got more than one genre/audience listening, that's just awesome. Another thing about the album I enjoyed was the overall artwork and visual theme of things. It helps give the album more character. (Kudos to Mike on that). Onto Out Of Ashes... I can't really judge this yet with a solid decision. But I can say this, I do enjoy atleast half the album. But I foresee myself not really listening to this album in its entirety as much as I did The Rising Tied. But like I said, still like a good amount of the tracks and I'm glad Chester decided to make them. I'll stfu, now that my 2cents are in the piggy bank
  6. Thanks so much for all the links guys, I checked a few of them out and I'm glad as hell I found them. I can rest easy at night knowing that theirs a place to download rare LP audio Thanks again, really appreciate the help!
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