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  1. Just ripped them. Download link will be soon. Edit: - Download all (megaupload) - What I've Done (youtube)
  2. This is ATS version of their old 4 logos from HT artwork.
  3. CDs are real, but re-releases. He is the real Mace. I made an interview with him (will release it soon). So don't spam him with questions through facebook and ebay. =) BTW these CDs ARE fake: http://cgi.ebay.com/Grey-Daze-Wake-Me-Link...R-/370434647686 http://cgi.ebay.com/grey-daze-no-sun-today...k-/320590806586 and maybe some more listed on ebay.
  4. Your photobucket and original lpcatalogue was also inspiration for me and many other collectors, thanks.I have some doubles like Ozzfest 2000 (with Now I See), Japan Crawling DVD, etc. If you are looking for something - PM me. Here is my pic.
  5. I made some screens from video, they appear for a very short time. Maybe you can find more.
  6. It is one of the hidden videos from Frat Party DVD. You can find it in VTS_01_3.VOB.
  7. I've just made a photo of my collection Hybrid Theory album (UK) Hybrid Theory 2CD (Australia) Hybrid Theory album advance (USA) Hybrid Theory album 2 track cassete sampler (black) Ozzfest 2000 sampler (Hybrid theory - Now I See) (2X: one is sealed) KROQ 2001-12-09 Radio CD (source 2d) One Step Closer 10" vinyl One Step Closer CD single (Germany) One Step Closer CD single (Australia) Crawling CD single (Germany) Crawling DVD single (UK) In The End DVD Single (Germany, version 1) In The End DVD Single (Germany, version 2) In The End CD Single Part1 (Germany) In The End CD Single Part1 (Australia) In The End Promo (PR 02753) All LPU CD's (1-8) LPU6, LPU7 tour edition Songs From The Underground (USA) Reanimation DVD (Germany) Reanimation CD (Germany) H! VLTAG3 / PTS.OF.AUTHRTY (UK acetate) PTS.OF.AUTHRTY / H! VLTAG3 (promo PRO-CD-100921) IT's Goin Down promo CD (UK) Meteora (CD+DVD) Somewhere I Belong (7" vinyl) Somewhere I Belong CD SIngle (Cardsleeve) Faint (7" picture disc) Faint promo (PRO-CD-101129) Lying From You promo (PRO-CD-101291) Numb (promo PR04243) Street Team Sampler (SIB) Street Team Sampler (Faint/LFY) Live In Texas (digipack) Live In Texas DVD promo (trailer/Numb MV) Live In Texas CD promo (DVD trailer/Numb MV) Projekt Revolution 2004 sampler Collision Course CD+DVD (Jewel Case) Collision Course 2 track promo CD Minutes to Midnight CD+DVD (signed at M&G 2007-06-05) Shadow Of The Day promo acetate (UK) Bleed It Out promo (PRO-CD-102-070) What I've Done promo (PRO-CD-102-014) No More Sorrow live promo CD (PRO-CD-102050) We Made It promo (UK) Live Earth promo DVD (2x) //And some LP-related CDs
  8. Here is my ticket and lpu m&g whirstband from St.Petersburg 2007
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