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  1. Fine, but I still prefer the original version
  2. Every summit brought a new thing. What this one will bring us?
  3. Why this one was released so fast? I'm really impressed
  4. I'm almost sure they'll play the set which started with Fallout/Catalyst last year
  5. now I'm completely sure no surprises tonight... let me sleep 'cause it's almost 2am in Brazil
  6. I wonder if it'll have some change... I guess it'll be the same set as the European/Australia shows =\
  7. FINALLY!!!1!eleven!!!11!1!!!! meybe the changes would come after 10th song
  8. I'm almost sure he's enjoying the show, before take his phone and tweet us what's happening or... if Brad is sick tonight, maybe they're waiting if he can play (I don't want be right, really)
  9. damn, a delay -.-" ok, let's wait a little
  10. I guess my F5 will break before the show starts
  11. come, debut the Robot Boy tonight! well, I wanna be surrounded
  12. got an orgasm when I knew about it anyway, since I started working, I'm downloading the files so lately
  13. aha! this means: multitracks → more instrumental options and more drumless playalongs all I wanted!
  14. Parts of One Step Closer on 'New Divide' track. Only here? another question: what is that 'DNU' before some tracks?
  15. When They Come For Me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8G7orrp61qc...player_embedded Catalyst: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dt7EXAVo0g8...player_embedded Waiting For The End: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4HXfbEqiCo...player_embedded In The End: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePD2_C0E7yo...player_embedded It's not HD, but it's the proshot
  16. That's why I hate principally the open TV. I was searching youtube links but not yet
  17. I just knew right now, after get back from a little vacation. But the Multishow (a Brazilian cable channel) showed some songs tonight Songs: New Divide When They Come For Me Waiting For The End The Catalyst In The End What I've Done Reprises: Jan/04 1 PM Jan/05 8 AM Jan/06 1:30 AM Jan/06 4 PM Jan/08 8:30 AM (Brasilia's Daylight Time) a link for who'd like to watch it: http://www.plugmania.com.br/?pg=assiste&id=4454 ps: even myself was surrounded. Just come from the street and a friend sent me this link and told there were new songs on broadcast! "Oh yeah, we've been surrounded again!" (Zagallo)
  18. well... I'm almost sure Santa Claus will bring us the South America shows
  19. Wow! When I wake up will I see Jay-Z playing again with LP? I guess he'll appear
  20. FINALLY! hahaha, I disliked drop WJL/Iridescent but the drum solo animated me
  21. hahaha... it's at the usual place \o/ thanks! let's hunt it
  22. I wanna see any new song... bring back some old, or do a live debut from some other PLEASE!!
  23. Thank you by the consideration with South America, band staff.
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