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  1. ATS isn’t cringe but it’s not good to me for various reasons. LT is cringe though as well as anything made after it. I still have the same opinion as I did when I was 15 about music idc.
  2. Does anyone genuinely ever listen to anything released on any of these albums besides Open Door?
  3. Yeah idc what anyone in the band liked playing or didn’t because it isn’t really relevant since they’re gonna play whatever they want regardless. Nothing on their first 3 albums are anything from those eras are cringe or bad to me at all personally. Cringe started in 2009.
  4. Whoever picked the live shows for the box set should be fired. The HT era was from 2000-2002 in terms of touring. They should have had a 2000 show, a 2001 show and a 2002 show. Las Vegas from 2002 shouldn’t have been altered with banter cut out or anything. And if they didn’t have a version that wasn’t, they should have released a different 2002 show that wasn’t. 2001’s show should have been something we didn’t have at all. I know we didn’t have The Fillmore in full but Rock am Ring, seriously? A high quality version of Docklands from September would have even been better. And any 2000 show would have worked, would have been sick to have. But none of them should have been edited at all besides cleaning up the intro and outro to the shows to make them start and end properly on time without mins of shit before each.
  5. It would probably be like ITE, Numb, WID, New Divide and Heavy if they had done it when Chester was alive. Nothing even remotely heavy would have been a part of the set, guaranteed. I don’t even think they would have closed it with BIO.
  6. Hole sounding fantastic. Amends was fantastic in general, A+ album. Stripped is also great. Can’t wait to see what’s on the next album. I’d love to see new versions of stuff like Commit but I know they probably can’t do that. Starting To Fly and Hole for sure I want. Hear Nearby is cool too. Basically it’ll probably just be the stuff not included from Wake Me and No Sun Today besides stuff like Sometimes or What’s In The Eye which are on both. Saturation would be nice. I’d love to see some songs not on the two albums that they could do if they wanted.
  7. Only one that I think sounded better off of that demo CD we got was Let Down because of the electronic part in the chorus being higher and the song not fading out by reporting the chorus line like on the album. All the others are better on the album, especially Into You, Walking In Circles and Give Me Your Name. My Suffering’s demo is cool with the verses but the chorus is way better sounding on the album version and the mix is terrible for all the demos anyways. Fire’s original version is really cool but I still love the album version a lot more. The Walking In Circles demo isn’t better at all to me. Out Of Ashes’s version improves on it 100%. Into You’s demo we got is just plain bad sounding. The thing is, there are probably several versions of all the songs, better mixes, different variations, etc.
  8. Fuck the label. DBS was such a small scale band, they didn’t sell shit. But I’m sure Warner wants to capitalize mass profit on anything relating to Chester now that he’s passed away. Ryan and Amir should be able to do whatever they want with the stuff. But I know it doesn’t work that way. I doubt we will ever get a physical release for anything unreleased by DBS, probably not even a digital release, but I still wish we could. So many unreleased songs, there’s like 5 of them, not to mention demos of all the albums songs and Morning After + 20 Eyes. Too bad the Demos CD that leaked was garbage quality and was never even released with the remix as part of it.
  9. Can’t wait. Amends is amazing, a 10 out of 10 album for me, I play it constantly, same as Amends Stripped. Can’t get enough of either. People are gonna hate but fuck ‘em. Doesn’t change that for me Amends is the best LP related release since MTM/OOA.
  10. I know he said Crawling got hard for him so they did away with it for a bit starting in mid 2012 because he said the chorus was one long note. He also said With You was hard in an 2011 LPU Chat. Given Up too he said was hard but he hoped he could still be singing it at 60 years old. I know Chester didn’t like Runaway and he also didn’t think ITE and OSC were good enough for the album but he grew to like them after they started touring (not Runaway though).
  11. Since I guess these are for people who want to watch rather than listen I won’t post my favorite SBD audios for years. 2000: The Roxy 2001: Docklands Arena 2002: Las Vegas on HT20 2003: Live In Texas 2004: Rock am Ring 2005: Live 8 2006: Chiba 2007: Clarkston 2008: Milton Keynes 2009: Istanbul 2010: Madrid 2011: Madison Square Garden 2012: Carson 2013: Summer Sonic 2014: Camden 2015: BlizzCon 2016: Nothing available 2017: Southside Festival
  12. Quote where he said that? He probably meant cuz it’s hard on his voice since it’s a lot. He said in an interview in 2017 that he wanted to start playing HTF again actually.
  13. I love all of the songs on Meteora, HTF is awesome. Never understand why some people don't like it.
  14. Meteora was when I first got into the band. My Dad would always be playing rock radio in his car when we went places and I would always hear Faint and love it but I didn’t know who sang it at the time. I was only 12 at the time and didn’t know how to even work the internet or anything really yet (yes I was a sheltered kid for the most part). Once I found out who it was, that’s when my obsession with the band started. Funnily enough, I used to play this X-Games video game for PS2 prior to all this and APFMH was the song used in the intro of the game and I loved it, just never knew who the band was. My old friend also had a copy of Hybrid Theory that he once showed me around that time too but I don’t really remember my reaction to it or if I even listened to it/paid attention. Funny how that all worked out. Meteora also really helped me with some dark times growing up, as well as the HT stuff I eventually got into once I became obsessed. So I owe it that too. Anyways, Meteora is an amazing album. Happy Birthday. I hope in 2023 we can get a box set with it like the one for HT and get some awesome demos and stuff as well as live tracks, etc. Would definitely buy it just like I bought the HT box set.
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