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  1. During the live Q & A that he did with Josh on YouTube, he was asked what do you think about Dead By Sunrise. He answered that he thought it was a little morbid in retrospect, kind of as a joke (he made several ‘’dead dad jokes’’ as he referred to them during the Q&A, but that isn’t the relevant part. He then said that he knew some of the creative differences that his Dad had with it, so he was kind of biased on it. What does he mean? Just that the label made it poppy and commercial and unlike the original demos like Ryan has said in later years? Or something more? He then called it a good pop-rock record and laughed when he said pop-rock so I’m guessing that is what he meant. Just thought it was interesting.
  2. Someone needs to ask him about the 17 MTM tracks since it’s the anniversary. We could finally know what they were! We know all but the 17th one. So if we ask him we would say the 12 album songs, NRL, ATL, WWDK, Blackbirds and the last one. We have guesses but never knew for sure. I feel like he would answer it!
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