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  1. That's quite reassuring, thanks. I can see that you're from Germany, no wonder you've got the package already
  2. I also got an email that they would be sending out those replacements in the 'near future'. But I guess that will still take them a while, since I am yet to get any tracking number for the package.
  3. Yeah, hopefully you're right and we just need to wait.
  4. So it turns out it was all a lie anyway? Fuck. Why did they even ask for the shipping adresses if they weren't going to send any replacements in the first place? I didn't get HT20 from Amazon but rather a 3rd party record store, so getting a full replacement box isn't even a possibility. Eh, I was hoping that Warner would step up and provide the products we paid for, but nope, that's too big an ask. I really wanted to frame those lithos
  5. Yeah, it sure did for me this time. I guess I should have known better
  6. If they don't want fans getting excited and asking them about stuff, why post anything at all?
  7. Yeah, good point. But holy crap, those guys are already getting their replacements? I guess it's a good sign, maybe soon they'll acknowledge the rest of the world as well.
  8. Has anyone actually heard back from them regarding the replacement? I wrote to them about 24 hours ago and got the automated message saying that I will receive further instructions 'shortly'. But I'm yet to actually get those instructions and I'm starting to get a bit worried. I really want a non-pixelated version of the Mike Shinoda lito. 😕
  9. Nice, I'm really happy about that. My copy is finally arriving on Monday (ordered from a 3rd party store) and it's going to be the EU release so I guess the first thing I'm doing after I open it up is writing an email. As soon as I can take my eyes off the EP on vinyl
  10. Until recently the only footage we had of Xero performing were the measly few seconds from that 'Bredrin Daddys' video. And now we're finally getting something new! Great job guys.
  11. Now that we've got access to both versions of Pictureboard - which one do you guys prefer? Personally, I'm kind of disappointed by the Chester version. I'd say that Pictureboard is the only song, in which Mark's vocals are clearly superior. The Xero demo just feels tighter and more cohesive overall. After listening to both tracks back to back, Mike's vocals on the Linkin Park version sound like he's about to fall asleep (as opposed to his more energetic and aggresive performance on the Xero demo). What do you guys think though?
  12. Holy crap, I'm so happy. The mystery, that has been bothering me for too long now, has finally come to an end. What a day to be alive.
  13. Well, of course they did, but it's great that we get to hear some new material.
  14. I've heard both. I absolutely love "Dialate". I'm kind of suprised it wasn't included in the Xero tape, this track would fit right in there. "Could have been" is amazing as well. Mike's rapping was awesome on both tracks. And I'm always pleased to hear some new vocals by Mark Wakefield.
  15. I'm really glad we got this video from Mike, always nice to see some more content from him. And we got to take a look at the Hybrid Theory EP vinyl. To be honest, I was kind of hoping I would look more like this fan-made concept (idk, i just really like the back cover of the EP): But still, finally getting HT EP is such a big deal to me and I'm so excited about it.
  16. Hey guys, I'm currently in the market for my own copy of the 2001 hybrid theory ep. And there seem to be a lot of fakes out there. I keep consulting the guide on lpcatalog to spot the bootlegs. Now, I have found two reasonable offers, however each of the cds has something off about them: 1. One has a different jewel case than the one shown on lpcatalog (on reddit there's a picture of a supposedly real copy with that different jewel case, but I guess it's a fake as well?) EDIT: added link to reddit: 2. The second one has perfect packaging, however the cd matrix reads,
  17. Hello, Ever since I first heard 'Goop', I've been wondering where the voice samples of children talking originate from. For those who don't know this song, it's an old demo leaked last summer as a part of the 'Hybrid Party of a Thousand Things'. It features samples of a boy and a girl talking at the beginning and at the very end of the track. I'm guessing that they were taken from some movie... I've tried putting the lines into various 'search movies by quote' sites, but to no avail. Any ideas? This mystery has really been bothering me for quite a while.
  18. Well, probably not on the official release, but the Xero version has fortunately been leaked.
  19. I guess I'm in the minority here but I really like Mark's singing. I guess it's the fact that the songs featuring him are pretty rare and obscure... I also really enjoy Ground Xero (though I'm not sure if that's really Wakefield on vocals). Still, Chester's vocals are obviously far superior, can't argue with that
  20. I absolutely love Pictureboad. Such a great track.