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  1. Just pre ordered the super deluxe. Gonna finally make use of my vinyl player which has been collecting dust for over a year
  2. Good point. I completely understand that. And sorry for the fake Part of Me leak earlier. I'll avoid doing that kind of thing in the future
  3. The difference was that Recharged was a completely new remix album and this is just a re-release, albeit with new material.
  4. Am I the only one who finds it kinda weird there doing this whole promotional campaign now? The re-release doesn't come out until October. It's still early-August. Like, let's be real here: it's just a remaster of an album with new material, and while that's cool, does it really deserve a marketing campaign two months in advance? Maybe late-August or sometime in September, but giving it all this build up is a little weird imo
  5. The thing is, as far as I'm concerned, the band never recorded any footage inside of the studio during the making of HT. The basically started producing Making-Of documentaries with Meteora because they wanted to show their creative process, and as Mike hinted in Get Me Gone, disprove that they were a studio-manufactured act. You can see in the beginning of Making of Meteora Phoenix is talking about how Mike came up with the idea for the album, which to me implies it was really the first time they thought about doing it. Obviously there might be some promotional photos of the band inside the studio but I doubt there's any footage, let alone enough footage to constitute a documentary.
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