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  1. Mike created moshpits at the last show in Brazil, not the first one in Sao Paulo.
  2. I think that fourth track on the left might be 'Spiderweb'.
  3. Is there a video of Papercut (Luis Ortiz Jam Version) from the SOTS gala event?
  4. That would be weird, considering the original idea for the sixth album was pretty much completely scrapped.
  5. I got hyped for a second when I read the title because I thought it was new...nonetheless, decent track; but not much of a fan imho.
  6. I am internally fanboying right now, but not hopeful; like I'm excited, but 60% sure it might be the same set...
  7. new twitter update from carter EDIT: linkin park soon
  8. Space Station (Partial, Transition Outro) Faint (Acetate Intro, Ext. Outro) Rebellion (Ext. Intro) No More Sorrow (Ext. Intro) Bleed It Out (Ext. Outro) -- War (w/ The Summoning) Guilty All The Same Runaway/Wastelands Papercut (RAR 2001 Intro) All For Nothing (Live Ver.) Blackout When They Come for Me (w/ Empty Spaces Intro) -- Ballad Medley Numb In the End CROWD WAKE THE FUCK UP Final Masquerade Mark the Graves Waiting for the End (w/ UIB Intro; Wall of Noise Outro) Crawling One Step Closer (Ext. Outro) --------------------------------------------------- Until It's Go