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  1. Rome admitted in an interview that he made this shit up and he felt sorry because they(LP) were such nice guys overall. He basically was jealous that LP headlined over them. I'm 100% certain that I read this, but not sure where exactly..
  2. 2017 is without a doubt the worst year of my entire life. I spent a month and half in bed because I kept getting sick. I was getting ignored by everybody and I kept checking my messages just to end up being disappointed in all the people I once loved and cared about. Being sick for long time has messed up my mental health big time and I started thinking about suicide even before Chester's death. Chester's death has even made my depression even worse to the point of feeling physical pain without actually being hurt physically. I'm just glad that I'm alive to tell these stories and I hope 2018
  3. There were negotiations before Chester's passing. It's not like they would ask them to play knowing that their lead singer is dead.
  4. Awesome review,looking forward to hear the album.
  5. Are you serious or trolling ? She doesn't fit linkin park at all and has zero stage presence. Probably the least charismatic among her peers as well.
  6. I'm just laughing at people saying that Sydney was "bad". She was phenomenal and her voice was one of the best that night. I could listen to her performance anyday anytime.
  7. He was just expressing his opinion. I enjoyed all guests myself and respect all of them. It's the thought that counts I guess
  8. I mean you are absolutely right but I think that only way OML would have stood chance is If it was submitted in the alternative/rock category. All alternative and rock albums have been a huge flop this year aside from Gorillaz, Foos, Imagine and LP of course so I guess that might have worked to their advantage.
  9. LP won't get nominated anyway no matter what the category is. They are not trendy in any way and OML's critical reception was,to put it lightly,"weak". These are the 2 reasons that any artist gets nominated in the first place.
  10. Completely agree. You are the man, Geki.
  11. Some people have reservations against the word "commited", because that word implies that he intended this act and it also criminalizes suicidal people most of times like they are the only ones responsible for suicide "act" but I digress (just felt the need to put this here)
  12. Agree with you Justin. I'm sorry, GraDoN, I was a bit angry but it's all good now.I just don't get the reason at all and I wish I did know what was going in his mind. Suicide is tragic not only because the pain it causes to others but because the questions it leaves unanswered too. I still stand by my opinion that music is entirely subjective though.
  13. Seriously from the beginning of this cycle you are the only LP "fan" that pissed me off . It's not a fact , all music tastes are entirely subjective .Just because an album is disliked by a lot of people doesn't mean it's bad.Just because the music is simple doesn't mean it's bad. I can say that "black star " is a bad album and It still holds the same weight as your opinion and I have 100 reasons why OML isn't half as bad as some people said but that's really not the point. There's no black and white in this situation and this is not on the same level as corey fieldman music where all people ag
  14. ATS wasn't as personal to Chester as OML though and While I think that Cornell's death is the main reason, I strongly believe that backlash contributed to a degree .I mean let's be honest Chester wasn't handling criticism the right way this cycle that he even went out of his way to lash and respond to some losers on the internet. He spent way too much time on twitter and social media more than he would normally do . He responded to one guy on instagram aggressively calling him "douchebag" because he said something like " Your new music has no soul " or whatever.The guy was losing his fucking m
  15. I respect your opinions and all but I never understood your obsession with the first 3 albums when you used to say that your favorite album was "Living things " but that's not really my point.My point is everyone should give their newer albums a proper chance. I gave meteora a chance after Chester's death and I can honestly say it's now my favorite record ever so maybe you should do the same with newer albums.Singing the "new" songs is not that easy as you have imagined and Chester's signature sound is there but it just got softer. I'm not saying that you should like these albums , all I'm sa