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  1. I know it's a lie, but still made me laugh because that would not be the first time
  2. I clearly remember LPA being #1 fansite to post every sh*t that sounded remotely legit without even check the source back in LT cycle, "it makes hype" was the motto back those days. They don't feel ashamed for taking fun of other fans/sites who are constantly mentioned over their "shoutbox" with the caption "haters gonna hate", don't feel sorry for people who doesn't feel sorry for their behavior.
  3. Absolutely legit, Warner Music CH never disappointed us.
  4. A report from a listening session hosted by Mike at MSR Studios in NYC: I was at a listening session hosted by Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park at MSR Studios over on West 48th Street in NYC. He played 5 of the 12 songs that will be on The Hunting Party album, now with a TBA release date later this summer. The band is still in the mixing stages on all and final recording stages on the rest. (“Guilty All The Same” is the first single, and dare I say, tamer than what these tunes are like!) The 5 songs, “Keys To The Kingdom,” “The Wastelands,” “Until It’s Gone,” “All For Nothing” (featuring Paige Hamilton of Helmet!) and “Rebellion” (featuring Daron Malakian of System Of A Down) were all still unmixed, but every one sounded great! The band self-produced except for one of the tunes (I think it was “The Wastelands,” which was co-produced by Warner Bros Records president and A&R chief Rob Cavallo.) I have to say, each song was better than the next, they are all extremely heavy, and as Mike said, some may even sound like prequels to their first album, Hybrid Theory. As I said to Mike, after all the “Rock Is Dead” critics and naysayers out there trying to forecast the death of active rock radio and its music, this album will totally pour cold water all over those notions and prove to the industry is it CLEARLY NOT DEAD! This record has BALLS! And now one of the world’s biggest & most popular bands is making a statement to support the music they love. The guitars are smoking, it was all recorded live to tape. (Well, there still are some electronic elements, but they are certainly only a condiment rather than a meal here.) I can not say enough about how the reaction is going to turn heads and I can not WAIT to hear them do some of these songs live in concert this summer! Mark my words, it will be one of your favorite albums of the year! Source on harddriveradio.com Special thanks to Jas at LPTimes for the awesome find!
  6. 14x6=84 8+4=12 1+2=3 Half Life 3 confirmed.
  7. Is it known about 20.000, but i've been told 10.000, then let's say in the middle.
  8. That's what i said I never seen one with a jack plug, i am interested on how the connection works. Edit: I hope this exclusive content could be saved, otherwise would be a huge fail
  9. I am curious on how a jack plug can actually transfer data..Or could it be just an hardware key which the App looks for when launched? Now THIS is a valid point.
  10. Since it's a remix, it has obviously copyrighted campionated samples, and not every band, our beloved Linkin Park included, they think\act like the band you cited Following this argument, for you every unreleased\demo stuff is crap? I declare that Pictureboard is shitty, i don't have to hear it for judge, i know because it was never released
  11. Well, i think just by the fact we know about its existence, means the product was already finished but last minute discarded. Here it comes the reason "too dark for the album" and not some others, for a better Reanimation sound as meant by the band it didn't get into the album Anyway, i also asked CrookOne to at least share a story behind the track, but he didn't reply (yet?) This is a good chance for the man out there lurking hard to add something different in the next LPU CD PS: Thanks for the shoutout!
  12. Loudwire is reporting TOMORROW as one of the five track titles, probably OUT OF TIME follow-up.
  13. Old GOOD LPU you mean? When it used to be a website with a proper forum filled with any kind of information and real interesting chats, where you really could ask to a band member useful questions for the fanbase.
  14. Previously posted on MSC: No way this new HCT is gonna happen THIS year
  15. Like Mark's, mine was an example, chill. God, next time i'll remember to properly type my sentences because they can hurt infonazis.
  16. I was referring to PR04 live tracks posted on singles etc, i don't know about undated shows
  17. LPU4 live tracks, PR Sample CD and i bet others.
  18. Less BID\LGM; More W&K\WTCFM and that would be a kickass setlist, imo.
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