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  1. how would me posting pics prove it has leaked? someone just uploaded the songs, that's it... a small blue bird told me, if you get what i mean
  2. That is so right! Damn how could I miss that one. So they've been listening to Muse during the process. Couldn't be any happier
  3. I can only see a picture of chester, is there any audio clip I should be listening as well?
  4. junior403

    Puzzle Solved

    and what about the term 'instrumental' Mike used twice on his post? My guess is that Mike's latest post was another hint for the puzzle and A Thousand Suns may be a new instrumental song.
  5. Can someone send me the link for that pic? Please, must see it.
  6. Videoshoot for single? I think an LPTV episode is more likely
  7. Guys, you are AWESOME! Thanks!
  8. PM anyone, please? Gotta hear it
  9. @tschenneck Actually I was the one who (tried to) make that fanmade version. You can check it here http://www.4shared.com/file/250307396/9357...Blackbirds.html (without the vocals)
  10. Sounds dope so far... Looking forward to checking the whole thing. BTW, I was trying to figure out the beat and strings for this clip. Result is below: http://www.4shared.com/file/250307396/9357...Blackbirds.html
  11. Has anybody noticed how much Chester's vocals on Figure.09 demo sounds like Puddle of Mudd? BTW the whole CD was great for me. Across the Line is just awesome, too bad it didn't make it to the final cuts.
  12. I know, it's almost insignificant , but the first part of the chorus for Let Down goes: So i don't wanna be let down I don't wanna live that life again
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