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    DBS Updates

    LPLive's facebook said it's been confirmed: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/pages/LP...71653266?ref=nf I don't know what the source of the confirmation is, but if Mark says there will be DSPs, I believe him.
  2. Sleepy08

    DBS Updates

    So, if DBS will be in LPs set, does that mean the DBS songs will be included in the DSPs?
  3. Just a heads up, I saw last night on MTV that they're going to air New Divide Live from the secret show on Tuesday around 9 or 10 pm.
  4. Thanks. Too bad I don't use twitter. Lol. How's it going?
  5. Since you're asking for suggestions, how about the DVD of 2-21-01 NYC Roseland Ballroom please? And as far as a date, I'm cool with whatever.
  6. Papa Roach, Chevelle, Breaking Benjamin, Rise Against, Offspring, Killswitch Engage, 3 Days Grace, Fort Minor, Dead By Sunrise, Styles of Beyond
  7. Wow. Papercut and POA missing...not cool. Even if they're actually on there as secrets, that's still lame.
  8. 1. Marysville 07 2. Sacramento 08 3. Mountain View 08
  9. I've been to PR07 in Marysville and PR08 in Mountain View. Both were absolutely amazing shows. Linkin Park always puts on an amazing live show!
  10. Seriously. Where's the SBD for this show?
  11. I can't wait to hear Walking in Circles album version. It's gonna be awesome!
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