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Toolkit04 to Design Upcoming LPU13 Album Art


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Dika aka Toolkit04, the winner of COG design contest, stated that he will be involved in LPU13 Album Art.


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hehehe.. I hope things will get smooth, friends. I'd like to share when they sent an E-Mail to me, hope it can get you inspired:

"We are planning our next Album for LPU dubbed LPU13.

Mike liked your artwork and we thought it could be a good fit for the annual LPU13 album art."

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Regardless we don't know if he was telling the truth, but I'm not discounting it. They've done stuff like this before.

i think he's telling the truth, because if he's lying he just making a fool of himself and he has no reason to do that.
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I saw this guy last Monday at the LP show in Malaysia. He's got All-Access pass where he can go anywhere he want and he decided to sit infront of the stage (which infront of my zone) and snap few pictures and video. He's so lucky. :)

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