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02.03.2013 - Adelaide, Australia - Soundwave

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On the 2nd of March, Linkin Park plays Bonython Park in Adelaide for the Soundwave Festival. The band has played in Adelaide only twice before, making this show their third show in the city and their second venue there. Their first show there came in 2007 (show page here). Due to Chester's broken wrist, that show was a rare opportunity for a crew member to join the band on stage as Kurt played Chester's guitar part on 'Shadow Of The Day'.


Linkin Park returned in 2010 to the same venue (show page here), the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. Lewis, an LPU member, joined the band to play 'Faint' on guitar for the THIRD show in a row with a fan on the song (video below).

By the way, Pez and Mikey are doing the ENTIRE Australian run with the band right now - a whopping seven shows. Wow! Huge shoutout to you guys for sure - thanks so much for all the updates you provide for each show and we hope you guys are having a fucking blast!



Linkin Park's two most recent shows came in Melbourne, where they first played a Sidewave headlining show on February 27th (show page here) and played at Soundwave on the 1st (show page here). Both shows featured a setlist addition with the first show having 'A Place For My Head' replacing 'In The End' due to a fan poll the band conducted before the song and the second show featuring 'Papercut' being added to the #2 spot in Festival Set B. Better videos of the 'A Place For My Head' addition can be found



There are two shows left on this tour - Adelaide on the 2nd and Perth on the 4th. We are expecting LP to play Festival Set A in Adelaide and Festival Set B in Perth to close the tour. It is possible they will surprise us though; the band fortunately is very unpredictable, which makes it fun to follow the shows on the tours. You can check out the past setlists on this tour by going to our 2013 tour page.


The interesting fact that we have for this show is that while the band is utilizing two of their three setlists from 2012 - Set A and Set B, they obviously have not taken Set C to Australia. This means one song in Set C is being left off of this tour - 'When They Come For Me'. The last performance of Set C was night two in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on October 10th, 2012 (show page here). The other song that was played in Set C that is missing from this tour is 'IN MY REMAINS', which was in all three setlists (A, B and C) but was replaced in A and B by 'CASTLE OF GLASS'. Since it is unlikely either song will return on this tour with just two shows left, we can hope that they both return in August when the band plays in Japan!




02. Faint (Ext. Outro)

03. Papercut

04. Given Up (Ext. Outro w/ Extra Note)

05. With You (2012 Ext. Intro; Ext. Scratch Outro)

06. Somewhere I Belong (2012 Intro)

07. New Divide


09. Points Of Authority


11. Waiting For The End (Apaches Intro w/ 'UNTIL IT BREAKS' v2; Wall Of Noise Outro)

12. Breaking The Habit


14. LOST IN THE ECHO (2012 Intro)

15. Numb

16. What I've Done


18. In The End

19. Bleed It Out (Ext. Bridge)

20. One Step Closer (Ext. Outro)

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Ha, thanks for the mention guys :)

Has been an awesome trip so far (including not one, but FOUR meet and greets so far).

I'm going to be supplying set list updates at this show too but it's quite difficult to access the web when there are that many people using phone data at the same time. I've been texting Tom the set list so he can post on my behalf but happy to add any admins from here onto the text list if you want direct updates too?

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damn,why they're not offering dsps for sale...... Set B


show is over one step closer



01. Faint

02. Papercut

03. Given Up

04. With You (Scratch Intro)

05. Somewhere I Belong (Extended Intro)

06. New Divide

07. VICTIMIZED (w/ Qwerty)

08. Points of Authority


10. Waiting for the End (UNTIL IT BREAKS Intro, Extended Outro)

11. Breaking the Habit



14. Numb

15. What I've Done


17. In the End

18. Bleed It Out (Extended Bridge)

19. One Step Closer


Source: Setlist via @Mikeatron85 & LPA

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Another great show. No offense to Adelaide but some of the people they're are jerks. I'm planning to do a massive tour review when I finally get back to Sydney on Tuesday night. Typing from my iPhone is annoying haha.


Also, Brads guitar was still muted for the beginning of with you, took a while for the pa to get sound. The song sounds cool without the guitar haha.

And this this show and Melbourne haven't had the Numb/Encore lyrics over the outro.

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Solid show by LP on Saturday. Can I just make a point about how good the live visuals are for the LIVING THINGS songs? Ghost Town Media have done extremely well; the live visuals seem to be their best work out of everything they have produced for ATS/LT.


Apart from what Pez said about With You, no other technical dramas as far as I could tell. Audio wasn't great and sounded very tinny. The worst song affected by this was LIES GREED MISERY, where Chester's vocals were basically incomprehensible.


It was enjoyable watching the stage being set up, particularly all the cameras for the live video. Anyone know the name of the guy that tests the cameras on stage? Blond with glasses I think.

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