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Linkin Park as legends ?


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you right, but when was the last time you read an article about nu-metal?

And when's the last time you read a nu-metal article that didn't tear the genre to shreds? (Not directed at you, Skipees, just using a general 'you')
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True fact. Absolutely true fact. They were a good band. Kurt was a professional at writing the simplistic songs. But Foo Fighters destroys Nirvana in terms of music.

Like I said to so many people, as sad as it was that Kurt put that gun to his head, its really the only reason we have Foo Fighters now. If it wasnt for that Dave would still be sitting behind the drums and if he did do Foo Fighters as a side project, it would of been no-where near as sucessful.

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interesting topic. I do hope LP one day finally overshadow their nu metal past. Cause at the moment it no matter what they do they still can't shake off there old image in the joe public's eye.

So unless LP make another genre bending album of greatness anytime soon, i'm afraid the'll be stuck with this nu metal label forever. :(

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