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how much is hybrid theory ep worth?


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sealed reissue is like $40-50 max, sealed original is like $500+

40-50 max? Nope. Not these days. earlier this year, opened ones sold for over $100. Right now, the market is pretty low. Wait another few months and you could get $75+ to the right person

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$50-$60 for an opened Re-issue probably less since the market seems to be dropping again :\


$80-$100 Sealed. I recently sold My sealed one for $100 :3 Pristine condition


Original EP is another story, it really fluctuates between $450 to $800 maybe even more if its sealed. But the odds of seeing a sealed one ever again are slim to none.


Now that thats out the way id love to know how much my Xero Tape is worth signed by Mike, Joe, Brad, Rob and Dave :# and my Sean Dowdell tape by Chester ;)

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