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  1. looks like I'll hold onto it a little longer then lol. thanks guys
  2. was going through my closet and found an unopened re-release of HTEP that I bought from bandmerch a few years ago.. how much do you think it would go for now? I also have LPU7 and LPU3 but opened.
  3. I was just digging through my closet and found it still in the USPS shipper haha. It's the re-release that was sold on bandmerch for $10 a few years ago, still unopened. What do you think this could go for?
  4. haven't been on here in a long time. I outgrew LP awhile ago, but if they toured around here (Mass) again i'd try and go just for the hell of it. anyways, who do you wish LP toured with? i'd have to pick: attack attack of mice and men asking alexandria we came as romans the devil wears prada gucci (burrr haha) eminem? they could pull some crazy stuff off i bet scary kids scaring kids Can't think of anyone else lol
  5. Ryan

    6 years ago today...

    I would but I'm going back and forth from Carousel to Opening to Krwlng. Haha. Even the way they dress now means they won't go back. Watch the music videos in order and you'll see what I mean...
  6. The only rare thing I have from LP is a sealed HTEP re-release when the LPU sold them a few months back. Yeah, I'm a big LP fan, but I have no use for promos, posters, etc.
  7. Ryan

    6 years ago today...

    ^Andy Wallace? Lol But yeah, my favorite album too. I wish LP would make more older songs but considering their ages, and how their voices have matured, my wish won't come true.
  8. Ryan

    6 years ago today...

    I didn't expect this to go on the homepage haha.
  9. In my opinion, I would use: Carousel (If you feel like explaining it) Breaking the Habit In the End Numb/Encore? And maybe the Opening for Reanimation?
  10. On this day 6 years ago, Linkin Park released their sophomore album, Meteora. This new album enjoyed great success and spawned consecutive #1 singles on the charts. This was also the last album that endured the Nu Metal/Rapcore LP had been known for. Nonetheless, Happy 6th Anniversary Meteora!
  11. OH MY JESUS, YOU CAN SEE THEIR GAMERTAGS!!!!1111 I'm so adding them when I get my 360. I'll rape Mike in Halo 3.
  12. Don't worry, everything will come along fine. A new start with some of those two faces gone is for the better. This should be better than before, you know. {SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif
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