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Experience meeting band members.


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I've met the band face to face back in 2010 - and then 3 times last year, making it a total of 4 times. Every time was a really cool experience, they are all very calm and friendly around fans. I asked Chester about Blackout on the European summer tour last year, and we had a nice little chat about it. Also, talking to Mike backstage before the show on June 21 last year, that was really a unique experience, and I got to see who/how he really is (awesome). :huh:

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i met mike several times 2011 even in private hes a very nice quy he anwsered all of my questions and he even recognized me after a few times its a realy great feeling when your sorounded by lp fans mike walks up to you and says "whats up rob still playin piano?"

also i met the whole band at a meet and greet but to me i think if you ask mike the right things you realy get to talk to him for a time

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they do seem real decent.

nice to see that they get to know people


have yet to meet them though - my LPU code's good until June '13, hopefully we'll get a UK tour + M&G before then :D

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I met them July 2011 at the iTunes Festival in London!

They are all really nice guys. Joe seemed a bit quiet though.

I was so nervous that I almost threw up and everything I had planned to say went completely out the window but I managed to have a talk with Mike about the "surprise" they had planned for that night (which was the Adele cover). I told him we had been speculating on the forum and he said we were making a big deal out of it and it probably wasn't going to live up to what we were hyping it up as.


I didn't really know what to say to the others. Mike was my main focus lol

I asked Joe about his movie and he said he would start it after the tour had finished.

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