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*kind of spoilers* LT Impressions


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Lost In The Echo - Whoa, this song sounded alot different than I expected. It opens with an 80's like vibe and huge synths. Very full of energy. And Chester in this track...you're going to be suprised. This song is just nuts, I don't want to spoil it.


In My Remains - Cacophonic intro with crazy digital sound effects. Starts off with a battle like/warrior intro with synths and pulsing drums. The bridge was a little spooky. Amazing song. This and the first one sound pretty rad and will be fan favorites. This song could easily be a futuristic war movie. Like some crazy battle scenes from the year 2500.


Burn It Down - You know it


Lies Greed Misery - You Know it


I'll Be Gone - Kicks off with these bad ass pianos and handclap echoes. Guitar is a little easier to here in this one. By descriptions I wasn't really excited for this song but when I heard it, it's one of my favorites. Pretty catchy too.


Castle Of Glass - The chorus in this one is very folky. Electronics are everywhere in this song too. Just like they said, folk-inspired but at the same time they added their own unique touch. Chorus "only a crack, in this castle of glass, won't be anything left for you to see..." I remember that one.


Victimized - Heavy as hell. This one was suprisingly not filled with guitars, alot of electronic sounds. It flew by so quickly I couldn't even catch an opinion.


Roads Untraveled - This one made me feel really sad. Beautiful song. I have a feeling it will be the forgotten track of the album and I hope it isn't. Very emotional lyrics, I almost teared up and i'm a guy. "love that you lost isn't worth the costs"


Skin To Bone - Crunchy electro beats with these weird hypnotic crooning vocals. Amazing. I thought it was going to sound empty but boy I was wrong. There's a couple AH's in this song but not like When They Come For Me.


Until It Breaks - This song feels like three songs fused together in an epic Mash-Up. Mike goes hard on this one, his lyrics are very "Lies Greed Misery"/Fort Minor here, "give ya what you need like papa who shot ya?" - his 2nd time mentioning Biggie. The song gets heavier towards the end.


Tinfoil - MUCH BETTER when heard in full and not live. Pretty sweet. It's my favorite instrumental they've ever done since Cure For The Itch.


Powerless - The energy kind of fades out with this song. Beautiful closer. Best close to an album they've ever had, next to Little Things and The Messenger. Brilliant stuff here and good lyrics.

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Guys when the leak comes, don't spoil the album for yourself. Please just keep one track from the leak. I promise you if you take one new song out of the leak and delete the rest that one song could hold you over past the actual release date. You don't have to ruin it all for yourself. One single song can make you lose your mind and go crazy.

How would it be spoiling the album? If I have the entire thing from a leak, I can listen to it start to finish. what's the difference?

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I added more stuff. And Xero, this album deserves the wait. I wanted the leak to but after hearing i'm going to wait until June 26th. Or at least June 19th where this shit will be in HQ. Don't get some VBR rip of this album. It deserves to be heard in full quality.

Fair enough.

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Yeah guys if you thought VICTIMIZED was going to be like "No More Sorrow" with a BPM of 150, you're out of luck. This one is the heaviest fucking thing, but it does it in a way the most bands haven't done yet

Would you describe it as industrial metal kind of song?

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