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I can hardly breath (song)


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I would have a question...


here's this track:



(everybody knows)


but why Mike and Chester in this song?

they call them to join in a mix song, Mike's and Chester's parts are demo songs or what?


wikipedia says this:


nothing else, anybody have more info about this song?

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All I know is that they guested on a Handsome Boy Modeling School track, lol, I have no idea why. LP's parts as far as we know aren't from demos but they might be in some kind of LP demo, you never know. We'd be clueless about that unless one came out on an LPU CD with one of Mike or Chester's parts from this song. Wouldn't surprise me if they were just unique parts created for the song though.


Who knows. Mike reuses raps sometime, as we saw with Dedicated and I Have Not Begun lol. The official song name is Rock And Roll (Could Never Hip Hop Like This) Part 2, not "I Can Hardly Breath" or whatever.

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I don't know why this warranted its own topic? HBMS wanted Mike and Chester to guest on a track, they wrote two verses for it, probably end of story. It's like questioning why Mike and Joe guested on that X-Ecutioners track, or why they guest on any number of tracks, really.

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I've always loved this song... I've been listening to it since like '05. I love Chester's vocals in this song, and the lyrics. It's emotional, even though it's a short piece. Mike's part is awesome too. I've always wondered if the vocals were from an LP demo or not. I don't think we will ever find out.

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