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Linkin Park Living Things review. This album is very strong, fast-paced and full of energy. Not like Hybrid Theory, but in a sense is harnesses the same kind of power and energy.


LOST IN THE ECHO: Starts with percussion and soft synths. Very nu-metal with Mike rapping hard. "Each word gets lost in the echo" Chester sings as the song's power raises up.


IN MY REMAINS: Digital blitz. Very high energized song with electronic dance beats. "Wash away the worst of me, and leave what's left in my remains" screams Chester in the refrain. Army drums calm the song as Mike sings "like an army falling,".


BURN IT DOWN: Danceable organs and pulsing beat lead way to a soft ballad a la "Leave Out All The Rest". Mike raps hard on this one with no remorse saying "I play soldier, you played king, struck the ground when I kissed the ring".


LIES GREED MISERY: Very weird. Sounds like Linkin Park goes trip-hop/glitch on this one. Mike raps "you thought you had it all" over a bouncing beat that echos left and right. Chester sings "you did it to yourself" in the bridge multiple times.


I'LL BE GONE: Synths and metronome give way to a huge song. Very poppy. "I'm finding my path to the rising sun!" Chester sings.


CASTLE OF GLASS: This one is a charged up "Little Things Give You Away". Chester sings "i'm on a crack, in this castle of glass" in the main melody. Mike is in the background crooning "i'm a small piece of this puzzle, help me find my place, plant my seed and make me grow", "take me down to the river, wash away the poison".


VICTIMIZED: Chester screams like a madman on this one! This one is dark to the max. This is the heaviest Linkin Park song up to date. "I see it in your eyes, I feel it in your veins, you are victimized by everything you say". "Break my chains / set me free".


ROADS UNTRAVELED: This one I don't remember too much.


SKIN TO BONE: This one starts off with a mellotron. Chester and Mike sing together in this one similar to Robot Boy. "And the moonlight captures the light on your face"


UNTIL IT BREAKS: Ballad with rapping. "Hands Held High" meets "Waiting For The End". Mike is passionate in this one. "I'm a banksy, you're a brainwash, get the picture like that? I'm the creator, you're the creation, get your position like that?".


TINFOIL: Short instrumental. Sounds like movie soundtrack.


POWERLESS: Starts off with folk-vibe. Chester sings "I stretch my arms in to the air, and wave them like I just don't care, I have many hours left, because these drugs make me powerless" as Mike Shinoda barks like a dog in the background and Brad's spanish megaphone line is played at the end of the song.

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Where's the link?


Edit: you're not trolling are you? I can't even find an up and running site called "Blognow" It's also interesting how "Roads Untravelled," the song that hasn't gotten much attention up until this point, is the one that also happened to not be included in this "review."


Did you make this whole thing up dude? :P

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