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As 2008 is winding down, I want to remind everyone that hasn't to please head on over to the Live Reviews section of the forum, which can be accessed HERE, to write your 2008 show reviews. I'm trying to collect as many as possible so that they may be included with LPLive version 4 when it drops in 2009, but if you guys don't write them, the show pages will look blank under the review sections, hah.


We've already got some pretty good ones now. We have a wide variety, from LPPanther's Dallas 2004 experience HERE to Preston's LPLive PR08 Roadtrip story in West Palm Beach encompassing the entire day HERE. Check 'em out and if you've seen a show, just drop a few words down of what you thought about the show. There's also another section for reviews of other bands that we're filling up.


Of course, you must be registered on the forums to write a review, but it takes just a second and I know some of you have some time on your massive Christmas breaks to throw a review down. Even if there's one from your show already, put another one up.



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