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The Catalyst (MOH Mix - 320kbps?)


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Either way Im pretty sure it comes under the official material rule here so even if it does exist it cant be shared on these forums.

You sure? The mix is rather different form the final version, it feels a lot more raw and unmixed, and that's one of it's charms. It's not available elsewhere officially, so it's more like a 'demo' of sorts, just a very late one. The only place it's in is the game, and i'm pretty sure this specific mix probably wouldn't fall under "official material" any more than the "Hybrid Theory unmixed masters" record released earlier did. *Shrug*


For those who havent' heard; 7:25 in



Notable differences:


-The second set of Mr. Hahn's scratching @ 8:40? It kinda feels different from the finished version.

-More raw vocals, with less effects applied.

-Different track levels, having been mixed differently

-You can hear a lot more backing vocals in the song's climax

-When Mike finishes singing at the end you can hear a lot of reverb as it fades out, unlike in the normal version

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A month or 2 ago I saw a eBay listing for an Medal of Honor Booklet that came with a Promo CD with "The Catalyst" in it, I didn't bid on it unfortunately as the seller was in France and his listing was in French, and the Booklet looked like a Banner :P lol. I'm not too sure but I think that Promo CD has the Mix in it. Would love to get my hands on it sometime :D.

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