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Given Up live 2010/2011


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I haven't listened to any DSPs from this year though I did download a few from the tour up to christmas including the Manchester show I attended - the question will more than likely end up being answered by astat but for any other guitar enthusiasts feel free to jump in :) Basically at the Manchester show and the Brisbane (Boondall) show during the second verse of Given up I think Brad is doing some insane tapping solo - may be wrong I'm no expert at guitar which is why I'm asking whether it is two tap doodles before the pick slide or is it something joe has programmed in setup 'cause I noticed it's not at all shows and in particular the brazil show it was something completely different - if anyone can give a helping hand that'd be great 'cause it sounds sick :)

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Its 100000000% Brad on guitar. I was actually front row on the barrier Sydney 11/12/10 to see it. Im pretty sure hes tapping stuff because his right hand did move a little more up the neck from the usual strumming position. He also throws the pic slide in right before the chorus.

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Hey just out of curiosity


Has Chester done the full 17 second scream at all since 2009?

Nope...the only shows he has successfully done the 17 second scream during GU live were at:


Selma, Texas (8.3.07)

Columbus, Ohio (2.15.08)

Montreal, Québec (2.22.08)


And also all the Third Encore, AOL Sessions, Stripped Music, etc. type things before MTM came out, but I don't really count those.

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Ah good stuff cheers I thought it was but having never shown any incentive to really kick ass in a song I did wonder if it might have been joe instead. I really wish he could drop a real face melting solo in the next album so he gets a little more credit as a guitarist :)

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