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Live streaming The USA tour?


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I guess the day from today many people have a smart phone with internet access...(and 3a8mp camera)

Last month i discovered the app "QIK" what does that app do --> you can set up a live stream on the place where you are!

Since they support sooo many phones i would say take a look (here)



like my url is just qik.com/verbatim2 very easy to deal with!

You have a few quality stands but as you Americans have access to 3g and 4g shouldn't be a problem i only have "edge"

But it also depends on the phone of course.


So anyone interested to set up a live stream for a few songs? If many people do this we can even watch the whole show :rolleyes:


We can make a topic and collect your urls and the show(s) you ll attend.


What you guys think about this?

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that sounds cool, but do you have to watch the streams from your phone or from your computer? cause if i have to watch the streams from my phone, that would not work

you can watch it from your computer. I believe


sidenote i checked the site and it works for my phone. Guess just have to figure out how ill do it,.

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I've seen this attempted before, with not-so-great results. The picture quality is usually pretty decent, but the audio quality is terrible (it's a cellphone after all), and the stream usually gets really laggy if there are more than a handful of people watching it.


Give it a couple more years, and the technology to do this kind of thing with good results will probably be commonplace, but it's not quite there yet.

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To be honest the quality isnt that bad at all if you use the the sd quality (640*480) ,(352*288) ,(176*144)

To stay sync i need to use (176*144) i only have a speed from 0.1mbs :angry:


with 3g i can use the sd fine the sync is not that good (can be my phone) but i would say record a song or 2/3 and then let it upload so "the online public" ll be able to see it after 10minz




here is a sample from the lowest quality and the audio is doable for such a low quality!

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Some newer phones will have good audio recording. It's worth a shot.

Well just did a test on sd with wifi on and it works if you don't move that much...ok but then if you stop the live stream QIK will upload the video again and then it's worth watching it ;) Do some tests and you ll see!


And let me say if your upload is around 500kbps ok but i know the upload is higher in the usa around 1000a2000kbps so no problem at all!

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